This'll feck your day up!

I want one of those...think the QM will let me swop my 5.56 for that lol
I got half way through the clip and the only words that came, were "Jesus"

You can have my one baggy, i believe I would not be able to stop shooting cars on a range If I had one...

good find lol
Now that's what I call 'bringing it on'

can I have a go Mister?

They should fit those bad biatches to the front of our Combat Engineer Tractors... Bit of bund busting then let loose the Dogs of War Engineer stylee..

Hmm.. GEMS idea going in... :wink:

Although I reckon this is what most get. See the awesome vids, join up, then reality strikes....
Anyone else notice how handsome the door gunner was?

Must be an international thing? pig ugly pilots, dashed good looking gunners :D
Holy Sh*t, if only they had fitted 2 forward firing on the skids of the Scout and 1 in each door............what a formidable piece of equipment that would have been :lol: :lol: :twisted: The Falklands would have been a whole different ball-game!!! 8O
Ah yes, nice as it is, if the British Army issued it you'd only get 100 rds, and have to return the brass :?
Holy Sh*t, if only they had fitted 2 forward firing on the skids of the Scout and 1 in each door
Nice idea, but how were you going to get the Scout airborne once you'd added ammo? :D
I'll take two then :D :D

On a more serious question. Is the sight much use on that, or is it a case of get a rough aim and correct on splash?
the Gatling gun Flash, the kitties sight picture appears to be spot on 8)

Still, very good video, and I still want one. Maybe to go with that scorpion CVRT from the NAAFI :lol: 8O
I would think the gatling is aimed al la shotgun style. And it would be tres easy to walk the almost continual line of lead onto target.

Cant remember if this has been seen on here before, its a prototype gun that claims to fire up to a million rounds a minute (yes, a million!)
(Ive only linked the page, scroll down to 36 Barrel Prototype, its a largish D/L, 14 mb) Lots of other interesting stuff on Metal Storms site too.
We installed two Airforce 7.62 miniguns (6000-8000 rpm), on a B-model Uh-1 which I flew for awhile (VN 1966), we eventually gave them back to the AF. They held 1500 rounds per, all internal, no external feed chutes, the ammo had to be hand cranked into each minigun which took awhile, and necessitated landing. The firepower was devastating, but just didn't last long enough to be worthwhile.The sensation was somewhat similar to flying a B-model Hog and salvoing the 48 2.75 in rockets, you started firing above the target, and pulled the cyclic back into your gut. It slowed that old B-model down from about 80 knots to approx 40 kts.

If both miniguns were firing it was controllable, if one jammed the aircraft would yaw toward the gun which was still firing.

And i thoughta 20 round burst from a sf gpmg looked impressive!
Now feel inadquate :cry: . Still how much ammo does that thing eat
take more than a few bergans full to feed it

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