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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by homeless, Mar 29, 2004.

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  1. Anyone out their want to have a bet on "will the bounty payments be on time this year" last year I waited until September... 8O :D
  2. Well if your bounty is late you should look at your own unit's admin. Once the form is filled in and signed by your OC it should take no more than about a month.

    If your admin office tells you any different it them covering up their own bad admin.
  3. Chuffed to fcuk.
  4. By the way, how much is the bounty now-adays? :?

    How many days do you have to do?
  5. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Can't wait, nice holiday for me!
  6. Forgot you were TA! :lol:
  7. Approx £1400 tax free for 29 days. To include a 4 mile walk with a bag on your back "attempt" to shoot a gun down a range, play with some NBC equipment talk about first aid Ohhh and watch some videos about health and safety....... Also risk the loss or suspension of your civvi job 365 days a year due to mobilisation and no pension for doing it. As many have said before it isn’t the money that makes us do it (but its nice) its just for the fun.... keep it fun and I’m init for life :D
  8. Unless of course you are in Basra when you are deemed not to be available foir training and...guess bounty.

  9. B2 Is that down to individual Regiments?

    I believe that our half of the deployment will qualify for Bounty, on the grounds that "If you're serving Queen and Country in sunny climes, you dam' well qualify for bounty"

    Unless that's been overruled?
  10. I do believe that some of the boys in downtown Basra HAVE qualified for bounty! Better check the list to be sure though BB.
  11. According to the latest Lessons of Iraq written by the defence committee, 'it is unreasonable that reserve personnel deployed on Op Telic should have to do additional service....we recommend that MoD waives this requirement'

    However, unless it has changed in the last couple of weeks the MOD still says you have to do the additional time. I remember Hoon said that it as well sometime earlier this year, nice chap that he is!

    Quite why they think you should have to do it, who knows?
  12. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Thats how it works in my lot.
  13. Our lot has waived ITD's, but the op tour only counts as in camp training.

    you still have to have got your out of camp training days in...
  14. Well I am in basra and have been told should get my bounty so from midnight to night .I will start whining to plt sgt ,plt comander where is my bounty :twisted: should be fun for about 5 minutes .
    A couple of guys who did afgan last year , camp this year and junior breacon and telic is told he 2 days short ?
  15. I think there will be a fair few training year extensions this year 8O