This will wind up everyone

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Balleh, Feb 17, 2008.

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  1. I read in the Sunday Times today (main section page 3) that the Tory party is supporting a Government move to enable convicts to work for commercial organisations at a purported annual salary of £10k.

    In the example quoted, the minimum wage is being offered for graphic design work for Kentucky Fried Chicken and Clifford Chance, and other large companies such as Ford will be targeted.

    I believe £10k is close to 67% of the pay of a newly recruited private soldier who, far from committing crimes, has actually volunteered to put his/her life on the line for the country.

    This is aside from the commercial implications as no reliable and realistic commercial principles can be applied to such arrangements.

    For example, working accommodation is paid for by the taxpayer so rent or depreciation on it will, at best, be a notional figure plucked out of the air; similarly with heat and light.

    Insult is added to injury by the fact that the convicts will not be paying income tax which merely proves the point that this type of arrangement is profoundly anti-competitive.

    If the political class cannot see the perversity of this situation then the country really does not have a prayer, whoever is in power.
  2. Obviously now the Poles are all going back home we need to find a new source of wage slaves to keep this septic isle going. Why do you think the political class turn a blind eye to immigrant workers ? Thatcher got us all hooked on property ownership and mortgages, and neue arbeit got the rest of us hooked on benefits or non productive jobs. Just think how biometric I.D. cards and compulsory organ donorship will just fit together sooooo well. You pop your clogs after however many years under the health nazis (no smoking, no drinking to excess) and there they have it, an instant database telling them who you can donate your bits too. If your reading this Gordon/Gorgon can i have a downpayment on my bits, at the going rate, so i can drink myself to death and all my bits are too pickled to use.
    Sorry if its a bit tinfoil hat but i am sooooo pissed off with this ****ing country at the moment :x
  3. Sounds fine to me - the salary goes to the exchequer not the prisoner surely?
  4. Can we set up companies recruiting the convicts and out sourcing them? like "the shawshank redemption" etc?

    A few back handers and jobs a good 'un were all rich, or have the unions got in there already?
  5. No. The prisoners keep it.

    But why is it fine for the Government to enable prisoners to earn more than many who haven't committed a crime, let alone the comparison with the pay of private soldiers and that the arrangement is anti-competitive?
  6. And many a true word spken in jest!

    However, what is wrong with break rooks all day in a quarry?
    When will LIFE mean LIFE?

    And if so, they will be able to afford ALL the new prisons!! .. :wink:
  7. Might have a crack at some rape and robbin' if it means a decent job instead of klink. Hee hee hee...
  8. I suspected as much. However, I see no reason why prisoners shouldn't earn a salary that then goes to the state. They should be worked hard for no reward to themselves. Prison is supposed to be an arrse kicking exercise - not a social worker's wet dream.

    How much the Prison service might charge prisoners labour out at doesn't have any correlation with armed service pay as far as I can see.

    If we (the good and honest loyal subjects of the Crown) can make a profit out of these scumbags then lets do it!
  9. It sounds all fine and dandy - provided that the prisoners are charged for their accommodation and services.

    Now, how much do they reckon it costs to keep a prisoner in jail?

    And how much will it cost to chase after one who absconds?
  10. So that’s a double whammy then.

    The Government enables criminals, whose living costs are minimal, to take jobs which could be done by the law-abiding who then find themselves on benefits.

    Good thinking, well done.
  11. And while we are discussing this issue, what is this government REALLY doing?
  12. WE have a government 8O
  13. Clickity here for more thrilling facts and figures

    edited to add another link clicky
  14. Most humbly sorry, my mistake
  15. so unless this is some tremendous WAH or daily hate style outrage article on top of the insult to every serviceman who is serving its also a huge kick for those of us in design fighting hard enough to finish our education and get a simple chance at a wage slave design job has the wagon finaly lost the all wheels and WTF was my years of service and now my potentail years of debt paying back my student LOAN for ...... :x seriously hoping this is WAH

    edited to add just followed the howard league link while i believe rehabilitation is a vital part of crime and punishment this is to much, i have worked for free for the past few years as loss leaders or trials!! while still haveing to try and fed house and clothe myself all i should have done is perhaps commited a crime and whouldnt have even had to pay for my education .

    seriously with just over a term and half to go for my degree is there any point or should i just go back to being mental and on benifits ....FFFS