This will hurt me more than it will hurt you.



My National TA unit has been ordered to use it for passing all information in order to 'Maintain Security'.

The tortuous log in process means that everyone (bar myself of course) has set the e-mail function to forward. Result the e-mails still go to everyone's own server only a day late.

Agreed - tried it for similar reasons. Crashed and burned.

This is where the Army misses a trick. The vast majority of the TA, despite having to use JPA and DII for routine business, dont have access outside training and drill nights.Even then, the DII termibnals are hogged. If there was a Armynet portal into a cut down version of DII and JPA, so that TA soliders look at their mail, and interact with stuff like SJARs and OJARs that would be a winner.

JPA is hardly Top Secret, and having access via a secure web portal would give folk back a lot of time.

That said, I find Armynet quite useful to look at the MS stuff and other things, but the security requirements are onerous. My civvy firm manages with single sign on - why cant we?
If only Armynet gave access to JPA, I would have been a regular user when I was serving on an exvchange appointment with no DII access.

Armynet needs to reinvent itself as the portal to DII from civvy internet. Then the security to get in would be worthwhile.


ArmyNet needs chucking in the bin. It neither has the resources or expertise to run it.
Security. What a nause.

One of these poxy sites has the user's place of birth as a security question. Not bad, but it needs to be 7 letters or longer FFS! Now that works if you are Welsh or were born on a distant planet, but what about the rest of us?

Army net is:

Useful 10/10
User friendly 3/10
Too difficult to access (very).

Just out of interest, how many requests for password resets do you get per week??

Just my 2p
We have an emags section which currently has a couple of Regt mags but most have a paid subscription so are reluctant to offer the magazine online.

The promotion board results are being posted on the day but it did take some persuasion even after we demonstrated that we had considerably more visitors to our page than the Intranet
I am glad the MS stuff is on there - very useful for those of us who travel, to keep up to date/speed/prepare to make the wife cry...
As many have said the log on security makes it close to dysfunctional, although the content, especially the MS stuff is of value.

Smarten up the security and the user numbers should improve - the irony is that the MS stuff gets sent to civie addresses anyway because ArmyNet is too painful to log into.

And agreed link to JPA would be brilliant and if the TA in particular is set to expand, DIIF is not a realistic option.


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As pressed quite a bit above, access to JPA would be useful.

Also, please please PLEASE make all the useful looking buttons on the mobile version actually work...POL point locations especially would be nice; when I last clicked on it I found it's map interaction slow and clunky.
I think if the emails from armynet could be sent to a dii terminal that could help alot. I have no way of transfering work I do at home to my system onsite.