This weeks Silly-Arsed Parenting Award goes to....

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Myss, Feb 21, 2007.

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  1. Mr and Mrs Naylor, who thought it was a wonderful idea to take their 5 year old and 14 month old children to climb England's highest mountain and set off at midday to do so, can you guess what happened next. :scratch:
    Link Could be described as an aborted suicide mission. Idiots.
  2. Lucky, Lucky Buggers! The mind boggles!

    Thank God for the Experienced Climbers who raised the alarm!
  3. Hopefully the idiots will be billed for the effort required to resuce them or at the very least will be asked to make a 'substantial' donation to Wasdale MRT.

    Darwin bullet dodging unfortunately.
  4. They should have let the five year old do the map reading and take the lead.
  5. Not surprised at all! In my time I've see all sorts of muppets on the Fan with no spare clothing and zero kit, and you know too d@mn well how quickly the weather can close in up there. I suppose at least it boosts the Darwin award nominations!

    SLR (Not to be confused with SLR Boy).
  6. I live in scotland and we have people getting rescued all the time from the highland's.

    Maybe by having some sort of checkpoint at the start of the walk with a proffesional vetting the walkers for equiptment, map reading skill, route, etc, etc

    I can see it now, "your going to climb to the top, you have a 14 month old, a five year old and it's midday"

  7. You just know thay haven't and won't donate anything to MRT upthere.

    When I go walking in the Dales or the lake district, putting some cash in the MRT collections in the pubs and shops is the first thing I do.

    I was taught to navigate by an officer so I have little faith in my abilty to not get lost.
  8. I think it was Billy Connoly in his early days who described this type of muppet "walking up Ben Nevis in flip-flops wi' a bottle of Vimto".

    I get the pish taken because I never go anywhere without what I describe as my 'oh-shit-kit' but I love it when the weather breaks and I'm the one who's warm, dry and laughing.

    Hang on a second, I've just read this again. They headed up at 1200 with two sprogs in tow including a five year old?????? 1200????At this time of year with the 5yo on foot? (Good on the anklebiter for making it up the Fell in 4 hours though) Forget a donation to the local mountain rescue, shouldn't they be charged under sprog protection legislation - does the "Too Fecking Stupid To Have Children Act" exist?

    I note that the alarm was raised by another group not by the muppets themselves - no mobile? Aarrgghh...
  9. I recall a case a couple of years back (no link sorry) where a couple had their children taken into care because the social workers deemed them not intelligent enough. They hadnt actually done anything wrong, they just werent very bright. Caused a bit of a kerfuffle on breakfast TV for about half a nanosecond as I recall.

    So it could happen.
  10. Like wise what about the teacher who took the school class of teenage girls up Ben Nevis IIRC foul weather most had trainers on and black bin bags as protection.....they really need a large does of reality checking!
  11. I always thought that getting lost with a bunch of teenage girls in wet black plastic was a bit suss...

    Go to any car park at the bottom of any big pointy thing and for every ten properly kitted out groups there will be one bunch of muppets (note to muppets: wearing 'outdoory' trainers makes feck all difference if you are wearing a shellsuit in January). Most of the time they make it back OK, which means they'll do it again, and again, until the oh-shit moment. And then the VOLUNTEERS come and get their idiotic selves down, usually for feckall thanks and no chance of a donation. Grrrrrrr.

    And as for the amount of litter they drop everywhere, double grrrrrrr.
  12. oldbaldy

    oldbaldy LE Moderator Good Egg (charities)
    1. Battlefield Tours

    Here you are:

    Bit away from Nevis being on the road between Aviemore & Cairn Gorm.
    A nice wee hill with fine views.
  13. Any pics of the girls in bin bags?.....
  14. No.

    They got lost and all fell to their deaths.

    The rescue teams were deeply shocked and one was reported as saying he'd never seen such a horiffic sight. All that mangled plastic.
  15. Well everyone knows that Britain is safe and the weather never turns nasty.

    You have to worry about that sort of thing in the Alps, but not in good old blighty.

    Great attitude.