This weekends Rugby

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by royalmile, Nov 7, 2008.

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  1. Well here we go for the first internationals of the autumn. Predictions please:

    England 24 v Pacific Islanders 14,
    France 18 v Argentina 15,
    Ireland 40 v Canada 10,
    Italy 10 v Australia 24,
    Scotland 20 v New Zealand 32,
    Wales 10 v South Africa 20,
  2. I put England at the same score, maybe a little closer??
    France could be a 10 all draw.
    I'd agree with the Ireland score.
    Italy 5 v Oz 24
    Scotland 14 v NZ 28
    Wales 17 - SA 0 (hopefully) ;)
  3. Glad I'll be training at the Dan Inasanto course in Edinburgh today...and therefor miss my Nation's humiliation against the All Blacks. :( :oops:

    Days like this, I'm glad I'm not "pure" Celt - thank Thor for Vikings ancestors! :twisted:
  4. Oh well I got the NZ 32 points right, pity Scotland missed my prediction by 14!

    Predictions for this weekends games:

    England 30 v Australia 18
    France 45 v Pacific Islanders 25,
    Ireland 10 v New Zealand 27,
    Italy 10 v Argentina 12,
    Scotland 9 v South Africa 48
  5. Scotland are going to get rammed by SA right enough.Saw the springbok training in Pleasence gym during the week.I'll be there though, getting merry!
  6. England 20 v Australia 23
    France 45 v Pacific Islanders 13,
    Ireland 20 v New Zealand 27,
    Italy 15 v Argentina 22,
    Scotland 9 v South Africa 35

    I just hope Scotland cross the bloody try line at long last....
  7. I'll be watching it in the pub down here. But I'm forced to agree, we're going to get absolutely humped by the Bok.