this weekends 6N games prediction

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by codbutt, Feb 10, 2009.

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  1. Wales 35 - England 19

    France 28 - Scotland 10

    Ireland 36 - Italy 10

    any takers for a counter-prediction?
  2. England won't score that many and France will score more. So

    Wales 35 - England 12
    France 48 - Scotland 10
    Ireland 36 - Italy 18
  3. Wales 30 - England 20
    France 33 - Scotland 13
    Ireland 33 - Italy 10
  4. Based on last weekend's performances, I think it is likely to be a bit more like this:

    Wales 43 - England 3

    France 32 - Scotland 10

    Ireland 25 - Italy 12
  5. Wales 16 - England 20

    France 42 - Scotland 10

    Ireland 39 - Italy 12
  6. Wales 25-England 13

    France 28-Scotland 24

    Ireland 35-Italy 10
  7. Wales to beat England comfortably by 10-15 points.
    Ireland to beat Italy by more than fifteen points.
    Scotland to beat France, due to fifteen points from the boot of Mossy...but no comfort involved.
  8. Be nice to beat the sheep-shaggers, but after last Saturday's performance, I can't see it happening. They were pathetic.
  9. Yes, but Wales were playing with a little too much arrogance, reminiscent of England in 2004/5. It’s all well and good believing in the team, but they still failed to go after the ball on some occasions and that till trip them up, and if nothing else, England proved at the weekend that they were willing and able to capitalise on the mistakes of their opponent.
  10. If we were playing southern hemesphire then I would agree. Think Six Nations produces some funny results and I still don't think Wales have the mental edge they should have considering how much better they have been than us recently. If England defend well and Johnson Beefs the pack up a bit,I think we may be able to bore them into submission and score a few late tries ourselves. :D
  11. Hardly a good game-plan though is it? Don't worry chaps, we only have to wait for them to cock up, and we'll be quids in. What happens if they don't?
  12. Where did I say it was a good game plan (or even a game plan!)? I was just saying that Wales need to play better than they did at the weekend.
  13. aye, but i think the coaching staff noticed their slowdown in the second half
    and will have shoved a rocket or two up various arrses on the team

    cymru 37 lloegyr 3 :D
  14. One of the commentators made the comment that all England had to do was wait for mistakes and then use them to their advantage. Luckily there were mistakes made, if there hadn't, we would have lost!!!
  15. Of that I have no doubt! Given Johnno's face during the game, I suspect there were a few busted ear-drums in the England team too!

    Ah, everyone loves an optimist! :D