This War Is Worth Fighting.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by AIR FILTER, Oct 17, 2011.

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  1. With global protests against "Corporate Greed" now on the increase, is it now time that the stinking rich fat cats who have 95% of us by the financial balls now be obliterated and replaced by a revolutionary fairer system ?

    Why do the obscenely rich feel the need for such greed :?
  2. Because they can ?
  3. Was talking about this with a chap at work before, I asked why doesn't EVERY COUNTRY default on their loans, where would that take us?
  4. This would possibly cause huge distrust the world over, causing countries to cut off their supply lines and global trading would be a thing of the past causing all countries to be forced to be self sufficient.

    Some might say that this may build a better state, but as to whether businesses can adapt quickly enough and can still source their resources within their own countries - that's another question.
  5. The problem is that 'corporate greed' is what makes life in west what it is today the luxuries and comforts would be hard to have without the 'fat cats' working the way they do.
    Thanks to these corporations willingnes to be very unethical in the way they work and where they'll do this work, in asian sweat shops for pennies a day or farmers being paid well below the value of their produce to chasing mineral wealth in countries that the west publicaly denounces with a willingness to displace entire communities for the next oil rig or mine. it all funds our way of life from cheap clothing and meat with every meal to the latest gadgets and tech and the fact that most UK families have at least two cars. It all comes from the demads of our society for an easy living so you can't change the system as it would need a diffrent society one thats very willing to give up all the mod cons of our lives and be prepared to live in a way which would require more self reliance and being less wastefull. after all even the poorest person in a council house in this country dosen't compare to areas such as africa they won't go days without food, be miles from clean warter or die of some horrid disease.
    So as much as we curse the bankers or corporations within a short time in the grand scheme of things we'll be back on top waiting impatiantly for the next iphone, car, £50 PS360 game and stopping at the McDonalds for a drivethru when were peckish while the world keeps on turning and the africans continue to either kill each other or starve ect and if you feel bad about it you can but some fair trade tea or give some money to oxfam and pretend it makes a difference but as much as people like to ignore it at the end of the day we may be out of empire but the west is built on taking advantage of every situation and using resources such as africa, china and the amazon at the lowest cost possible. I woudn't give up my modern british lifestyle and all the things it gives me would you?

    whats the alternative marxism / communism look how that worked out full of coruption and paranoia and with a population that never got to enjoy the workers paradise just feared the regime and often went short on the basic neccesaties and lived in conditions inferior to their western counterparts. why be a doctor / teacher / engineer if you wont be rewarded for your hard work and live just like the lowest unskilled labourer? at the end of the day people don't work like a heard of deer or an insect hive we don't gel well together we want recognition for our acomplishments and can dislike other people for the slightest of reasons even if we've never met them and were the only animals in nature that kill for no reason so things wont change.
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  6. Would be grand if the UK could feed and fuel itself, but as we can't I'd imagine the complete collapse of the world financial system would be a bit shit for anyone living here with all the starving and blackouts.
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  7. It may seem fine, but the savings in your bank account are not actually kept under lock and key at the bank; they have been lent to someone in order to provide you with interest and the bank with a profit. A large part of your money would have been used to by government bonds - national debt. Thus there would be bank runs as people try to withdraw all their cash. Governments would be forced to intervene, printing loads of money. Cue hyperinflation leading to, a breakdown in global trade (really bad for us as we can in no way support ourselves), a barter system of exchange, thus taking away all the advantages of the division of labour, and a return to the stone age.

    So we have chosen the lesser of two evils really...

    If it was that simple someone in charge of these sorts of things would have suggested it, rather than the uneducated 'anarchists' protesting at the moment.
  8. I wonder what the people protesting honestly think the UK would look like if a number of banks had been left to fold in 2008.
  9. That's pretty much been my position since i first considered donning the baggy greens.
    Its a dog eat dog world and i'd rather me and mine were doing the eating than being dinner.
    All our comforts and relative riches have been gained by force or by threat of force at some point. It's a bit shit, but that's how it is.
    To pretend you aren't a supporter of that system, whilst reaping its benefits is hypocritical in my view.
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  10. Completely agree with you. Until people are actually dying from starvation or being macheted by their neighbours for worshipping the wrong God or voting the wrong way or watching their kids die from preventable diseases, I'd say we've still got a pretty good thing going in this country.
    We've been living beyond our means for far too long and now my generation and probably the following two are going to have to pay for it by having far shiter lives than our parents and grandparents have.
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  11. Piss off poor boy.
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  12. Oh god. A university student or some **** wit dole dosser who thinks he should get money for nothing.

    So, if you were rich, would you give all your money to some worthy cause in Africa? I doubt it, as you would want to enjoy the fruits of your labour. So what if the rich want to become richer. If they can make money, then they can crack on. Its the same as the rest of us who aren't rich, if we can make money, we take it. Unfortunately the human world runs on money, its a fact of life and there is no changing it. If you don't like companies making money, don't buy from them.

    Personally I have little idea about what the protests are about apart from the fact that the protesters are against companies making money. Although I feel they are just idiotic premaddonas who have nothing better to do then to try to get attention on themselves by making fools of themselves. Don't they know that is what facebook is for?

    I will ask them this, do you think companies should stop making money so that they cannot employ people thus more people lose their jobs?
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  13. Oh no, well done to the OP, I can see Wordsmith and Alscien coming along and turning this thread into another 'pissing contest' complete with financial wizardry I know **** all about.
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  14. ]#

    However, at least you acknowledge this fact. I would hazard the guess 90% of UK pop are blissfully ignorant of the underpinning of their lifestyle. Still, it does not preclude an individual from making consumer choices based on this knowledge, buying quality once than crap 5 times, buying good food from the independant butcher/greengrocer down the road, as the ones that survive are the quality ones.etc
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  15. you aint hard or tough enough to do without them. An individual would have to become a Luddite, have enough land to have pigs and vegetables etc, and be self employed his entire lifetime. Even then corporate purchases need to be made.

    Im getting my weaners next year :)