This "Walt" Thing.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by AIR FILTER, Mar 17, 2011.

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  1. I gather that a "walt" is somebody who grossly exaggerates and or fakes his/her military service if indeed they have seen any at all.

    So what would you call somebody that deliberately dumbs down their military status as to not stand out too much?
  2. Would it not just be called 'modesty'?
  3. T. E. Shaw or John Hume Ross perhaps?
  4. Sensible a lot of the time.
  5. normal?

    Except in circumstances of getting sh4gged, then a genuine serving member of Her Majesties British Forces may, on occaision, 'embellish' slightly to get a jump.
  6. Hope the same exemption applies to ex serving as well in the same circumstances, and a bit of light embelishment at job interviews.
  7. My missus was doing job interviews for a small organisation she was running, and brought home some of the applications to ask my opinions on, including one from an ex-tom. Be wary of what claims you make, especially when in writing, as you never know who is going to see them.
  8. Casting one's experiences is as positive a light as possible is permissable (and expected), b******ting is not, I agree!
  9. A Wilt.........
  10. Exactly, well put young CF.
  11. Perfect!!! :)
  12. Are we talking attending the VC & GC assoc. annual dinner dance and telling everyone your just the Plus 1
    Being presented the CGC by HM The Queen but tell everyone it's a MBE for warming the GOC's bed?

    I made the mistake of telling the producer of a quiz show I was on years ago, in front of everyone else, that (innocently) he didn't need to know what Regiment I was. I got funny looks the rest of the day and one of those knowing nods from an old boy with an impressive WW2 rack. :oops: