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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Boxy, Jul 28, 2008.

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  1. Have heard through grapevine that a certain Yeomanry Regt ,*cough RWxY cough* had a good w/e MATTs and Ranges etc, sure as sh*t beats mine, a birthday party full of 9 year olds! mind you it was better organised than SC08!

    Will any one dare confirm this!
  2. check your PM!
  3. I had a top Sunday!

    Map reading MATT coupled with orienteering! perfect way to spend a sunny Sunday morning - bar the blisters from my new issue boots! ......... now where has the which boots to buy thread gone ?
  4. So it is true....despite all the rumblings and airing of views on here, I take it thats why the thread has vanished, things getting to close to the bone...............
  5. STOP!

    Posting any references to RWxY will earn the wrath of the TM!
  6. RWxY....RWxY....and so on! not my unit I dont care!
  7. Apparently if you say 'RWXY' three times in the mirror a massive wyvern appears and eats you.
  8. and not in a good way?
  9. Close its a giant two headed chicken... Brown and Maroon in colour. If you are really unlucky a big grey eagle pecks at your bollocks too
  10. Big Grey eagle...or a big 'GREYS' eagle?
  11. The problem is not so much the RWxY as the few blokes within it that choose to air dirty laundry in public.
  12. I agree, but was it seen as a last resort? was the CoC listening to what was being said by the boys? but most of all will anything change because of whats been posted on here? its not the first time arrse has been used in this way and I doubt it will be the last.
  13. Few.. try just one young twat!
  14. so what did happen to the old rwxy thread - tried everything and can't get it - any ideas?

    and no conspiracy theories please
  15. Names were mentioned and had to be pulled.. Didn't help with the various witchhunts from RHQ