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Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by PrinceAlbert, Jun 28, 2012.

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  1. I've got a massive kit list for deployment, and took a look at your website.

    I have some points.

    The selection of boots is poor. I would like to see a better selection.

    The selection of sleeping bags covers all bases, but you don't sell liners. It'd be worth stocking some silk, and fleece liners IMO.

    You don't sell any trousers at all. Granted, we get issued kit, but what about outdoor pursuits trousers (zip off at knee etc) for downtime wearing. Possibly selling decent outdoor shoes/walking boots also.

    A better selection of Mosquito nets. Free standing, for use in tented accomodation:

  2. It also shows a nice Suunto watch on the link to "electronics" yet you don't sell any Suunto watches.
  3. Also, it may be worth flogging all the stuff on a CONDO operators "kit list"

    I've been trying to find stuff all over the net, but if you can supply it all and advertise the CONDO bit some more then you'd be £££s in. I get £500 every 6 months to spunk on kit.

    If the other CONDO lads are lazy like me, then they'll be looking for a website that stocks as much of what they need as possible, and get it all in 1 hit.
  4. Ok ive googled and cant find it, what do CONDO operators do?
  5. He missed out the "M" at the end...
  6. CONDO is short for Contractor ON Deployed Ops. Essentially anyone that is working in theatre alongside the MoD. We get a generic kit list, and issued the more specific-to-task kit once out there.
  7. Cheers

  8. Mate - I've always admired can i have your merc, flat, shed and rattan case you get biffed ?
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  9. I agree about the civvy walking trousers, I've just spunked £40 on a pair of craghopper kiwi's and a shirt, would rather have spent it with this tribe, or RVops for that matter.
  10. This Tribe

    This Tribe Sponsor

    Cheers to all for the comments and a number of those mirror our own thoughts! We are gradually expanding our stock/range based on what we think is likely to be popular, if there is something particular you'd like then please let us know and we'll see what we can do.

    I'd also be very interested to hear what is on the Condo list though and which brands/variants tend to be preferred.

    A few specifics:

    • Boots - obviously cost a lot to stock so we've been hanging on to see what the MoD does for the new issue ones. I agree that expanding our range is something that needs doing though
    • Mosquito nets - aren't those the issue ones? I think I've got about 5 in my garage that you could have!
    • Suunto watches - currently out of stock but will be re-appearing at some point!
    • Liners - personally I hate them as I always end up waking up in the middle of the night wrapped up like a mummy. I'm stunned that anyone every uses them!
    • Civvy trousers - not something we've considered but the 5.11 Tactical ones seem pretty good so I think we'll get some of those in our next order.
  11. I'll PM you the CONDO list I have been given.

    I agree with the maggot liners, I hate them also, but they're mandatory so have to be taken (even if I won't use them).

    Those mossy nets are the issued ones, but stocking something similar would be good.
  12. You need all that kit to serve Pizzas at Bastion?
  13. Pizza?! I've got a job with KFC :)
  14. Kentucky Fried Camel?
  15. Kabul Fried Chogie.