This time next year

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So -
Who is where now and will not be there this time next year?
What new events will occur - really, really new not just advances in current events or technology?
Wishful thinking about the year ahead?

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Not Zimbabwe, all being well I'll be eating my christmas turkey in kabul next year I think. As for taking on another nation, I don't think it will happen next year, we can't man it, simply cannot. Just expect an all out effort to get us out of Iraq ASAP and a lot of bad press for it.
307 said:
Just expect an all out effort to get us out of Iraq ASAP and a lot of bad press for it.
Wishful thinking, OS. There are key Iraqi parliamentary elections scheduled for next December. No one's leaving before then. Except in bodybags. Didn't you hear Iraq's the 'new Cyprus"? Just without the beer, the "Strip", the beaches, the bikini-clad tourist girls, the joys of old Nicosia, the joys of anything, come to think of it........ :cry:
1. Tehran or bust.
2. Restructuring the Infantry to 24 Bns.
3. Reorganising the TA to 10 Bns.
4. Disbanding the RAF and giving us the rotors and the Navy the jets. (Good idea)
5. Pulling out of NI because it has been peaceful and settled for so many years.
6. Court mounting my King Charles coronation medal.

Hang on, I smell bullsh1t.


Hopefully, I'll be spending my Xmas with my family and a nice sun tan, after 3 months in Iraq...


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1. "Clearing up" after N Korea collapses into chaos
2. NOT going into Zombabwe (Well, it's something we SHOULD do, so definitely won't).
3. King Charles coronation medal would be nice - trouble is, we won't get it for five years) Anyway, isn't he going to call himself King George 7th, as Charles is a bit unlucky? Also, I'd rather the Queen carried on for a while :)
4. Having a second Christmas at home!
1. Brigade in The Sudan.

2. Still in Afghanistan.

3. Confrontation with Iran in Southern Iraq.

4. Moratorium on proposed amalgamation of Inf Bns (see above).

5. Conservative Government.

6. More stringent application of Affirmative Action rules to counter growing
backlash against radical Muslims preaching sedition in the UK.

Happy New Year!
China becoming realy big player on world stage

India and Pakistan kicking off (and i dont mean cricket)

Iran / Iraq border becoming "fluid" to us/uk troops

Eurofighter /Britarospace going tits up

euro dropping like a stone against the pound / doller

God i'm depressed i'm off for a pint.......HAPPY NEW YEAR :(
1. Iraq continues to be home away from home for US/UK troops
2. Islamic terrorist campaign in Europe
3. Israeli-Palestine issue unresolved
4. Nuclear Iran
5. Nuclear North Korea
6. Taiwan resumes nuclear weapons program
7. US Ground Based Midcourse Defense fully operational
8. US redeployment from Korea
9. US redeployment from Germany
10. African chaos continues
11. US begins to fund an alternative to petroleum [hydrogen power]
12. IRA resumes bombing campaign [coordinates effort with islamic terrorists]
12. IRA resumes bombing campaign [coordinates effort with islamic terrorists]
Damn Tom6 , that is dark.

Unfortuantely, I can see it happening , and I do wonder if it would be the first time.
I have noticed IRA involvement in Palestine, dont know if they are free lancing or if its part of a larger cooperation. I hope I am quite wrong as this would be a huge setback for peace in NI.


This time next year... I'll be in sunny Basra. Join the Army and see small parts of the world on a regularly recurring basis. :lol:
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