This tickled me

After a getting-to-know-you session with Bronny, we move round to look at the other side of the operation. Sam, a Belgian shepherd protection dog with reddish fur and satanic eyes, attempts to bite his way through the steel bars when we appear next to his kennel. "Why on earth is he so angry?" we ask Sgt Gavin. "It's his job," comes the reply.



Why do reporters ask such stupid questions??

Reporter: Why is this set of teeth and fur biting me??????

Handler: DUH! Thats his job!
Impressive story.

In a similar vein;

Politician - 'why are your soldiers killing people and breaking things?',

Officer - 'it's their job'.
Or, like when the Leprechaun of Death was asked if there was a 'culture of violence' in the British Army!

Some people just don't get the point.
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