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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Bowser-Mong, Apr 8, 2007.

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  1. (Page 5 Sunday Telegraph. Sorry no link). Children playing hopscotch outside their houses were told off by the police for grafitti. The police were tipped by a neighbour and the parents of the children were told not to let their kids play in the street or draw on the road. Parents of one child were even advised that their child was not dressed up warmly enough.

    Dont these so called policeman have anything better to do than acting in such a dictatorial manner. Its no wonder they are fast losing the respect of the public if this is how they react. Pathetic.
  2. As far as hopscotch goes, the police should really have adopted a 'suck it and see' approach.

    And not dressed warmly enough? Some cuffs would have sorted that out.

    I can't think of anything serious (or sensible) to say but it does seem that the police while responding to a complaint should have told the neighbour to wind his/her neck in.

    Not exactly the best use of what are limited resources.
  3. Was it Lincolnshire Police?

    They are a bunch of useless c0cks. This is the type of thing right up their street.
  4. They should have arrested the children on the grounds of Health and Safety.

    Was a risk assessment completed and lodged prior to the commencement of the game?

    Were the children suitably equipped with up-to-date Personal Protective Equipment?

    Was one of the children assigned to ensuring the site of said hopscotch was delineated, verified for purpose, and the hours of operation notified to the appropriate authorities?

    Was public liability insurance taken out and if so, did the terms of the contract ensure adequate coverage for street-based traditional gaming activities?

    Probably not. I dunno, kids today.
  5. Jail 'em. One of them wasn't wearing a high vis jacket. The designated Health and Safety Kid clearly wasn't doing his job!

    Whilst this was happening an illegal imigrant was robbing the local shop but Police resources were otherwise engaged.
  6. Great, another own goal. No wonder people think we're a bunch of bell ends. I might be stereotyping here but i imagine the complainant will be over the age of 70 and bored of sitting in gods waiting, room phones the police on a regular basis.

    Like the old crow who rang to complain about kids playing football in the street, i went down there to find a 7 year old with the worlds most minute inflatable goals. How did i deal with it? had 5 minute kick about with him and advised the old witch he wasn't doing any harm.

    Some people need to get a grip and the police need to stop listening to them.
  7. same sort of story last week some kid called someone "gay" at school next thing theres three police officers at his house over the incident, if it wasnt true it would almost be funny
  8. The worlds gone mad I had this old lady who is about five feet tall and six stone wet through (I kid you not) who was harassed by four thugs when she was walking home, she got her hat pin out (Bless her) and told them to bugger off. When she got in she called the Police with a description and they told her that if the thugs complained she would be arrested for threatening with a weapon. Now that Cop wants sacking and whoever enforces such tosh should end up stacking shelves in a supper market.

    [align=center]"No obstacle too great for a determined Infantryman"[/align]
  9. It happened in Somerset,

    I reckon the kids were the diversionary action for the rest of them to do some proper serious scumping!