This takes the biscuit

I say old man, its the British way, tea at 3 for the working masses, at 4 for the idle rich, biscuits for the artisan, cakes and fancies taken by the upper crust. Its traditional. You wouldn't adopt our colonial cousins questionable habit of, donuts, god forbid. And tea from a silver service, served on the lawn by spasm, the butler, is a most agreeable way to end the days exertions. toodle pip old thing.
If they just issued Biscuit ABL (Armoured Biscuit Lightweight) it would never have happened in the first place.
If the WPC had stuck to eating this rather than biscuits again nothing would have happened


Three days over a tin of biscuits? that's not a waste of taxpayers money and if I had a mentalist in the back of a van I would be speeding COMMON SENSE is no longer common.
It never was. It’s just today’s society allows the voice of the fuckwit to drown out what little voice of reason there was.

See: politics, university students, anyone in the rights / equalities industry and Arrse to name but a few.
I see the hearing took place in Empress State. Nice to know that in this time of "Savage Cuts" the Met can afford to rent a chunk of that. Once upon a time when we still had a credible defence, the MOD occupied all of it. Not for a long time now.

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