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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Rudolph_Hucker, Apr 1, 2004.

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  2. You have to remember that this is the Sunni triangle and they are loyal to Maddas. It is gruesome but it doesn't surprise me in the least that they are capable of this :x

    I hope that US TV edits the pictures for the sake of their families, unlike Somalia! :(
  3. I know i nearly split my milky tea (see are OTC trying to take over arrse forum!) Anyhoo, they showed it all on Bog Trotter TV (Missed BBC) it was fairly gruesome, much worse than somalia, had the footage of the bodies being dragged up close and the ones from the river they then interviewed a native who in near perfect english started going on how the guys deserved it etc and that Allah wanted the Iraqis to kill all people from occupying countries, 'People' were taken to mean forces, businessmen and aid workers!!!!

    Think maybe dubble ya and Blair have bitten off more than they can chew!

    Remember you cant spell Bliar without spelling liar :p
  4. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    Still one thing is for sure, the yanks have got one hell of a hearts and minds job still to do! If this is after 12 months methinks they are going backwards

    Watched on CCN Intl. over dinner. I felt heartily sickened.
  5. The reputation of the US for winning hearts and minds precedes them, so no surprises for seeing this war evolve into a long and bloody affair.

    We seem to be getting off lightly, with only a few roadside bombings, but the problem is with the "Foreign" Terrorists who are coming over and doing their bit for Islam. Its these radicals that need stopping!
  6. Not just the Foreign Terrorists (not 'radicals' not 'militants'). Sounds like a large part of the population share their views and aren't satisfied with the simple death of the infidel occupier. They want to dismember the snake. Jeez!

    Makes me wonder about the police/Government/CRE/Guardian/PC platitude: everyone knows the majority of Muslims in this country ( UK) are law abiding and abhor violence.

    Really? Look at their brothers in Iraq! 8O Even the kids are in on it.

    dui lai wrote:
    What, confiscate their British passports and confine them to Tipton?
  7. It's been said before, but, they want a dictator back who would never have allowed this sort of occurance!

    They are using thrie free speach to ask for domination again!


    I say follow Kenny Everets Idea of the 80's

    "round them up in a field, and bomb the bast@rds!"
  8. Playing devil's advocate here, what would happen to an occupying power in (say) America's deep south, where the populace is well armed ? What would have happened if the Nazis had invaded the UK in WW2 ?

    Are we so sure that we wouldn't use any methods possible to free our homeland from a foreign aggressor ? Because regardless of what we think that is what a lot of the locals believe we are.

    UK forces are doing better for two reasons - first of all we got the southerm end where the locals were initially better disposed to the invasion, and secondly we don't fire wildly into crowds like US troops as we've got NI experience to fall back on.

    I'm not necessarily condemning the US troops themselves here, as I'm not so sure I'd act any differrent in their shoes, rather the fools who sent them in undermanned, undertrained and underequipped for riots.
  9. One of the strange wrote
    Would Billy-Bob dismember the invader and hang his entrails up on a bridge for the fun of it? Would Billy-Bob take his kids along if he did?

    Such brutality by Partisans in WWII ended in the deaths of innocents in reprisals. The Spams won't be mimicing Oradour Sur Glane by way of revenge.

    Things are done differently outside the comfy cozy love all Western world. The rest of the world is dark and it is cruel ( line form Gladiator that!). The removal of Saddam and his party gave some Iraqis hope, but it is causing the Coalition despair.

    The enemy who can harm us is not thousands of miles away. He is already here.

    We're aw doomed! :wink:
  10. [​IMG]



    Well I guess Billy Bob would. Or have you never heard of Lynchings in that part of the world SeaDog?
  11. A bloodthirsty bunch of sister shaggers aren't they?

    But to which occupying army do the unfortunate negros belong?
  12. none at all, i heard all about the south's prejudice against all negros and coloured which is on par with what has happened in South Africa ( America the land of the free etc etc as long as you are white)
    i hope things have changed for the better the South US
  13. The old saying from Vietnam looms in my mind -
    "Gather up all the friendlies, put em on ships and anchor them in the Gulf of Tonkin (Shatt-el-Arab or wherever). Then drop a crate of instant sunshine on what's left.
    Then sink the ships."
    Trust me Comrades, it's the only way out of this mess.
    Or just pull out completely, troops NGA's - everybody... Then seal up the borders and watch the whole place implode, Live! on CNN...
  14. Cracking idea that - just seal the borders and turn it into the biggest nick in the world! Only one small problem with are we going to get all the oil that we (allegedly!) went there for in the first place? If you can answer that one, expect a call from Dubya sooner rather than later!! :twisted:
  15. Erm.... The sunni's don't have oil, but the remainder of the Iraqi's do and seem ok(ish) by comparison. Why bother with that area, pull out and let it implode.