Discussion in 'Infantry' started by GROWNUPS_BEWARE, Jun 17, 2004.

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    Can everybody please stop droning on about who's got the best capbadge or the harder selection course, and start talking about proper infantry issues. I'm ashamed to view this forum at the moment - populated as it is by (apparently) a bunch of cadets on steroids. Reflects badly on the Inf as a whole. I'm not the moderator of this site - but I know he'd agree with me (if he hasn't topped himself by now). There's so much going on at the moment worthy of debate:

    Does anyone have the inside Gen on the PWRR bayonet charge on Telic?

    Anyone seen an update on FRES - what it'll look like - how equipped/well protected?

    Inside track on Arms plotting/inf specialisation/new ways of doing things?

    Does anyone operate the 'rule of four' orbat at Coy or Pl level? HAve they used it on ops? What were their observations? Thinking here of the Pl Atks on Telic, multiple patrolling on Fingal, RGBW SLE in Kosovo etc...

    Any thoughts about School of Inf centralising at Brecon? Has PCD started their yet?

    We're meant to be the most interesting, exciting arm - not a bunch of tossers calling names! Raise your game, or the site will die, and all the REMF cheesers will think the Inf are saddos, instead of the steely alpha males we all are!

  2. oooh hark at her!!
  3. Bayonet charge has been covered elsewhere....and ahem was I believe carried out by a PWRR and A+SH for the rest............. :?
  4. Steely Alpha males? I know that the KINGOs are 'steely anybody elses property if it ain't nailed down' males.
  5. Is GB a bit hormonal at the moment?
  6. I feel strangely arroused! 8O :lol:
  7. Don't the infantry also drive around in CH***** covered armour :!: Flippin hell what's going on? :? The Brecons are hill in Wales....Iraq is flat..Discuss

  8. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  9. Sorry\geezers... bit of a rant, there....but a fair point? A fair bit of coloured hat obsessed tripe...?