This shoddy treatment belittles our injured troops

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by DonJohn, Mar 11, 2007.

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  1. The experience of most civilians feels very distant from life in uniform. That is inevitable. Society asks a select few to put their lives in danger so that the many can go about their business untroubled.
    But that detachment must never lead to neglect. Shamefully, that is what has happened in the case of injured soldiers treated in degrading conditions(The Observer)

    I have been on a trauma ward and been treated for various problems etc i was given the best duty of care as a civilian i was never in pain as i had a morphine driver and my personal needs attended to and i am a civvy.

    My point being i was on a n.h.s ward so if you have military soldiers being treated in a nhs hospital in a special miltary ward there should be military specialist surgeons ,doctors and nurses who can deal with the trauma these soldiers have been through .

    I was really upset when i read how these poor soldiers where treated with out pain relief and the indignity of being left in there own bodily fluids etc .
    I know what its like to be in pain but its nothing compared to what these soldiers have had to comprehend with .

    Our government should Give our troops a Major Trauma Military Hospital
    Creating an independent military hospital is the best way tolook after our soldiers.

    Serious casualties from Iraq andAfghanistan etc will need and receive advanced levels of care across a wide range of medical disciplines that can only befound in a major trauma military hospital.

    Our numbers of casualties would sustain a separate military hospital with the modern specialist equipment and skills of medical staff needed to give them the treatment they deserve."
  2. Already done here

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