This seems a bit fishy to me....

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by LeastIcoulddo, Apr 3, 2009.

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  1. Right this is my first post here. I am at AFC(H), and i got a facebook freind request from this girl....
    Read this chat log and see if you find it a bit wierd, cos it doesnt seem like the army to employ flirty 16 year old lasses to visit lonely soldiers and *talk* to them...

    hya hope u dont mind me adding u
    you doing an army thing i take it?
    i just like talking to army people lol coz im in this thing were i serport them lol coz i wanted to join but a cunt coz a had an oparations so a go to there camps nd tlk to them
    lol a hope u dont mind sexyarse
    you got a few guys from my platoon allready added
    you visited harrogate yet?
    have a lol
    nor nah av only been to the one in scottland nd catric a only started this like 3 month ago
    harrogate is tht were your based like
    you up from newcastle?
    thats next to it right?
    emm if u want me to cme see ya ill try get down there nd tlk if thts wat ya want ill cme see ya
    iii its next to it
    thort so
    well AFC harrogate is just for junior soldiers
    so its like 1000 16-17 year olds
    ii ano
    im sure they would be happy to see a lass :p
    ill make a not lol am only 16 me sell lol
    coz this is wat am doing now a payed for it lol
    what do you mean?
    wen a left school a came straight onto doing this adding army people on facebook nd tlkin to them then a joined this thing were a get payed 200 pound a month to tlk too lads in the army nd like go visoit them at there camp if they wanted me to
    thats a really nice thing to do
    ii a rea;llly like doing it but smethimes a get karried away lol emm av got a meetin bout this wat am doing at 3 so a need to go get ready nd ill try me best to cme see u ok will u be on lata nd ill tlk to u sexy

    Any catterick lads ablee to confirm this?
  2. Confirm it, I cant even read it !
  3. Dunno... Can't fucking translate it all...
  4. wurthers original anyone? Sounds like some dodgy paedo setup!

    Is she fit? :D
  5. My eues are bleeding from text speak AND from the sheer bloody naivety of the lad posting!!
  6. Well she does want to help the army types so maybe she wouldnt mind havin her picture on this site dedicated to us :D

    But hey typin is pretty atrocious.
  7. My fcukin' eyes are bleeding after reading that!

    The gist of it is she is either

    a. A hooker
    b. A hooker
    c. A Hooker

    Or it's one of your mates with a fake account trying to out you as a kiddy fiddler........
  8. Yeah i did think it sounded a bit wierd lol.

    Doubt its one of my mates as this girl has at least 7 people from my platoon annd a load of other pople who could be toms.
    So has anyone else got this treatment then?
  9. Not yet?? Where do I sign the register....errrrrmm......sign up???!!
  10. English please?
  11. Well it's a dirty old perv who likes to play 'little miss innocent' with naive squaddies who are looking on the internet for young girlies to impress.
  12. My eyes my eyes
  13. I shall ask rug rat number one to translate when it gets in.
  14. I was expecting the line "love you long time, twenty bucky, sucky,sucky"
    to follow all that.
  15. I know - my Serbo-Croat is better than that - and my Serbo-Croat is appalling :D

    However it does seem a tad suspicious :evil:

    Or you could be pasing up a good sh@g :twisted:

    Your call LICD - se you in Court 8)