This scapegoating is rolling back the gains of anti-racism..

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by eSeL, Feb 15, 2007.

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  1. A load of bollocks. Where on earth does he think the main terrorist threat comes from - the Church of the Latter Day Adventists?
  2. Did you not read the article? He's not disputing the threat; he's commenting on the isolation & demoninsation of an entire community due to the actions of a few.
  3. eSeL,

    Yep I did and I stand by my comment.

    The root of his argument is lies in that oh so yesterday, and fundamentally incorrect, view that the Muslim community are victims of non - Muslim discrimination, racism and prejudice (DRP), and that to further target this 'community' on the apparently unsound basis that the terrorist threat is not linked to Muslims, is yet more of the same DRP.

    Sorry, don't subscribe to that particular fantasy.

  4. He's complaining that it's a hyped up threat then talks in the next breath about the dozens of arrests in Birmingham (last I knew 9 was less than one dozen). The words pot and kettle spring to mind
  5. I disagree.

    It perpetuates the cultural separation & victimhood mentalities that other social groupings (aka 'communities') have moved beyond. One could just as easily write an article saying that fear of being labelled racist is in danger of rolling back hard fought gains towards the creation of a peacable and socially integrated country.

    To suggest that body count is the appropriate measure of how serious to take a threat seems a little specious. In relative terms, David Copeland hardly killed anyone with his bombing campaign - so the extreme neo-Nazis are not even worth worrying about?

    The only point I agree with is on British foreign policy.
  6. Mr Jaques makes the following points:

    - The Forrest Gate raid (and by extension other similar raids) was "a figment of the security services' imagination".

    - The IRA has killed more people on the UK mainland than Islamic terrorists. Not very surprising considering the relative lengths of the terrorist campaigns.

    - "when it comes to Muslims, [racism] seems to be somehow acceptable, from the cabinet downwards." This is an over reaction to extremely mild comments made in the last 12 months.

    - "The attack on multiculturalism is the thin end of the racism wedge. It seeks to narrow the acceptable boundaries of difference at a time when Britain is becoming ever more diverse and heterogeneous." You could also argue that multiculturalism prevents integration "at a time when Britain is becoming ever more diverse and heterogeneous."

    - "[Muslims] face worse discrimination in education and employment than any other ethnic minority." Although Muslims often fair poorly in the education system and job market it would be difficult to prove that this is through discrimination.

    - "British foreign policy so profoundly discriminates against the Muslim world" Again this is balls. UK policy in the Middle East has changed much in the last twenty years. Also events in Iraq prove that the idea of a Muslim World is a fantasy.
  7. I read the article, and it was cr@p.

    Who says it's a minority? I wait in vain for a Million Muslim March, in which a large proportion of our peace-loving minority moves through the streets of Britain chanting, "Suicide bombers, not in my name". Instead all we get is bleating when someone from the 'community' is arrested.
  8. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Erm, this guy is from the LSE for starters, albeit the Asia Studies bit. What authority or knowledge does this guy possess that MI5/MI6 have failed to pick up on?

    The Muslim community that got demonised and outraged during the latest raids have gone awfully quiet. One minute, it was a peace-loving community of moderate Muslims being persecuted by a police state, and in the next breath (after evidence found and charges laid) there is not a peep to be heard, apart from the one guy who was released without charge who says that his experience was horrible. I'm sorry if I sound a bit thick, but was this guy electrocuted? Did he have his finger nails pulled out? Was he beaten? Was he starved? Were his family rounded up and tortured? No, none of these things happened to him; He was questioned at length in the presence of his solicitor.

    Harsh times indeed!

    I don't necessarily disagree with the argument that this despicable gummint will use any excuse to roll back our freedoms, but in terms of rolling back anti-racism, that is being done most effectively in mosques up and down this country without the help of MI6.

    This moron who is writing the article needs to climb out of the backsides of his sponsors at the LSE and get himself a strong cup of coffee.

  9. Don't agree with everything he says, but...

    it is true that people now speak of Muslims in a way that would be considered outrageous if applied to any other community. I have been shocked how the debate has descended into anti-Muslim tirades even in "quality" newspapers, where people think it's OK to slag off a great monotheistic faith and a community of a billion believers just because of a minority of nutcases.

    having worked in a Muslim country I cannot recognise the Islam that these "experts" and commentators are talking about. I even wonder if some of them have actually talked to ordinary Muslims, most of whom are pretty relaxed about their religion and adopt a "mosque on Fridays only" attitude towards their faith.

    when I was working there I came to admire the simple and devout faith that most ordinary people shared and the way it fills their daily lives. it ended up with reverse culture shock at first when I came back to the West and saw all the drunken layabouts and ladettes on the rampage (although I settled back in pretty quick! :thumleft: )
  10. Blimey, Yellow Devil - the brown leather boot-boys that haunt this site will be in with their sneers after that piece of reasoned, sensible and intelligent dare you!
  11. link

    No comment needed.
  12. Whats this racism crap ? muslims are not a race, islam is not a race.
  13. "Amid this panic-inducing rhetoric, there was little acknowledgment that Muslims suffer more discrimination than any other section of society, no recognition that every attack on their community can only intensify that prejudice. Imagine what it feels like to be a Muslim, stalked by a constant sense of distrust and suspicion? As a society we may condemn racism, but when it comes to Muslims, it seems to be somehow acceptable, from the cabinet downwards."

    What shite. Populus poll - table 28 37% of muslims polled consider British jews as legitimate targets. Bourne out by the fact that jews are four times more likely to suffer racist abuse and assaults as muslims - and that they are most likely to be abused or assaulted by muslims. The hypocrisy is nothing short of breathtaking.