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BBC News link.

Have you noticed when the government tells you its hands are tied by EU legislation and that you cannot go against it because it would undermine the very foundation of the whole European project?

Unless of course the EU is fighting to safeguard British jobs when the government would rather it did not. At this point the government finds a bit of backbone and some shriveled up testicles behind the fridge and pronounces its determination to fight the EU monster.

I find this indefensible but when has a logical and fair argument ever stayed this governments hand?

I really quite badly want an election and I think I want it right fookin' now.


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Having just got back from a visit to Brussels, they just dont do "quick".

A proposal can take up to 7 years before it is passed.

The time to challenge it was long ago, but then when everything was hunky-dory why rock the boat?
Challenging the supremacy of the European Soviet Union!

Dangerous stuff for a 'so-called' government - and I doubt that 'Bottler' Brown will dare.

The de facto prime minister Mr. P. Mandelson might get very cross and so might the other well-known 'feeder' at the Euroswine Trough - Mr. Kinnock.
The left hated the EU when it was a trading organisation and lauded it when it became a marxist bureaucracy.

For Hain to make any comment about gold plating is wholly revolting given his record.

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