This old chestnut comes up again.....

Nato must be able to "field forces that can move quickly to wherever they are needed... to sustain operations over distance and time, including in an environment where they might be faced with nuclear, biological and chemical threats," a communique from the summit said

I am now 150% convinced, that Tom Clancy is the head of strategic planning at the National Security Agency.

Rainbow anyone?


Does it not worry anyone else that all of the latest attacks are either just repeats of former strikes, or just lifted out of films/books?

this is all going to become very stale if a bit of creativity is employed soon!
Maybe we should bin conventional training then and just play Clancy games on the mongstation.  We'll probably be in better shape, and we can do it concurrently with down time on FIASCO.  Winner.


For a bit of a shit Clancy based computer game that crashes in amusing ways, look no further than...

The Combined Arms Tactical Trainer.  There's one open near you, not far from the local Blockbuster.
Were you on the big space invader a couple of weeks ago when someone fell asleep in one of the Wrs?

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