This new promotion board thingy

Right, here goes.

Can someone explain to me (in laymans terms) how the new promotion process works. I've read most the articles and still can't get my head around it.

What I can figure out is that:
a) You don't need to be qualified to be promoted (EFP & SMC).
b) You get acting rank until you pass the required courses.
c) You get promoted quicker if you threaten to sign off.
d) It doesn't matter how good you are at your job.

Please indulge my ignorance.

a) I believe you still need SMC to be considered for promotion, you do CLM (new improved EFP, washes even whiter) once selected for promotion You also get to do the REME component of CLM.

b) Yes, I believe that is correct

c) either that or go Tiffy/ be a Tech/ shoot your boss (metalmiths)

d) This one hasn't chaned from the old way :wink:
I only asked because I've just seen the results of the board and it looks like there are guys on it who haven't done either courses.

Ooo...I can feel that chip on my shoulder growing larger.

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