This "new" PFT malarky

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by wellyhead, May 24, 2006.

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  1. OK I'm of the age of BFT in boots and red vests but I would like to know of this PFT thingy

    Now I understood the BPFA even thoguh I never got to do one (but I did countless APFA's) I know that the A of this was assessment which meant max press up, max situp, but what now ? Do you do you needed amount then stop or pushed for the whole period ?


    This is a request out of interest only
  2. Ive been led to believe its pretty much the same as the BPFA its just changed from an assessment to a test, could have called it the BFT but we have been there done that.
  3. balls double post
  4. Fair enough BUT does that mean you MUST get a green ? or do you have to get the min press up. min situp etc

    This question is really aimed at anyone who has actually done it
  5. I’ve been lead to believe by one of our PTIs that you must get a green as it’s now a pass or fail mark.
    Common sense says you only have to reach the minimum level of fitness to pass, personnel pride says push yourself as hard as you can as with the BPFA.
  6. Instead of all being "led to believe" why not just read the freely available MATT 2 .pdf file I posted above for yourself? It's all in there as I said - times needed, training levels needed for different roles, remedial action etc etc.

    Of course, you could just ignore me & keep on discussing it amongst yourselves. :p

    If you really can't be ar$ed to read it, then between you & me it's exactly as it was before they changed from the BFT apart from it has situps/pressups and it's an 800m warmup instead of 1.5 Mile.

    I would imagine the next incarnation of it will be 1.5 miles in boots. Watch this space :)