This must give you cancer


A sandwich which stays fresh for up to two years has been developed for the US army as Dr George McGavin found out as part of his investigation into what happens when food rots.
sounds delicious
I remember getting some experimental rat packs on Op Telic 10 in 2007 and they had them in them dont really remember much more and have not seen them since, also remember doing a Med Man in BATUS back in 1994 and i remember they had long life sarnies in them that had a life of 6 months!
I think the British Army beat the Yanks on this one..I can remember getting rat packs back in the mid 80's that had Pate spread in them frpm the 70's...and it still makes me gag thinking about the stuff!
i dont really care how its sealed, being able to leave a box of food in direct sunlight for 3 years and it still being good to go just isnt natural. between this, ecm and comms stuff we all must be riddled (with cancer).
or you are becoming immune to it? mutant freak soldiers living off radio waves, microwaves, 5 year old sarnies, radiation and booze.
all the tobacco provides you with re-sealing lungs as well, a 30 a day man can just shrug off a sucking chestwound.

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