This must be what k13eod is up to.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Spacehopper383, Mar 14, 2010.

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  1. I've just seen this on the BBC website. I believe k13eod is doing his bit out there.

    Mine Clearance

    Just one question, why are we playing for the clean up, rather than Argentina?

    To all the boys and girls clearing the mines, stay safe. :salut:
  2. Because the Ottawa Convention, that we signed up to - states:

    "Within 10 years of its entry into force date, each country is required to destroy all APLs under its jurisdiction and control, including those planted in the soil"

    It came into effect in Mar 1999, so technically we should have cleared it up by now!!
  3. The British decided it was too dangerous and instead fenced off the minefields. Warnings were posted and stiff penalties imposed on anyone who jumped the fences for, say, an unusual photo opportunity.

    Always assuming that the "criminal" actually survived. :roll:
  4. Do not listen to a word K13 says, he has spent the last few months walking the shores of the Islands collecting Whale skulls ;)

    Have a good journey back mate, and stay safe.
  5. You mean like Barry and Oz :lol:
  6. not sure if it was the RMP det or the RAF police Det who all got fined a rather large sum for having a happy sanp taken the other side of the fence :D
    having the print developed on the camp :evil: . The emperour mong was seen boarding a tristar his work here was done :twisted:
  7. You mean he's not doing CP for Sluggy?
  8. Well done to the Dagoes-apparently their minefield maps are accurate,making it a bit safer for the poor buggers trying to clear the damn things. :omfg:
    Stay safe lads,apparently from Zimbabwe & Lebanon :clap:
  9. Sluggy is doing mongs?