This morning in the Independent - posing kids as IRA terrorists at youth centre


I just wanted to bring the article to the attention of arssers ...... the comments well ...............
When a government gives in to terrorists as the Blair one did it invites and by its very nature condones the outward display of terrorist triumphalism. Please tell me that using EU money to fund tours promoting the "proud tradition of resisting British rule in Ireland is a ****ing wind up.
You hear of various crap going on in N.I. that mostly doesn't hit the newspaper headlines. I think it's probably the various factions trying not to display their dirty laundry in public so to see this was a bit of a surprise and it's good to see that someone had the balls to to say this is wrong and my kid shouldn't be part of it. Well done to that person. Frankly if the majority of N.I. ever democratically vote to merge with the South, they are welcome to it but I won't support taking any notice of terrorist scum who occasionally crawl out of the woodwork saying look at me and isn't my cause a just one because I have bigger guns than the other lot. We certainly need to try and track those weapons down and if in the process, we come across anybody who is linked to them, lock the scum up for a long time.
I was told about this on Facebook last week, it doesn't really suprise me. Willy Frazier from the FAIR group was the one who originally got his hands on the pictures from some scumbag Sinn Fein bastards Facebook.

They really need to update the greenbook to cover Facebook.

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