this months payday

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by Chris_2oo6, Mar 24, 2008.

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  1. i know its always last working day

    which in this case is a mon.. however a few have been saying we're due to be paid this friday??

    anyone know?
  2. I hope it's true, I've already had to rob some old ladies this weekend to sustain my beer habit!
  3. It'd be nice....Already emptied the J** jar in desperation!

    Probably unlikely.
  4. It's Monday!!! However, if you have a Royal Bank of Scotland account (it may also be the case with other banks, but not to my knowledge) then the money will go in on Saturday. Don't ask me why, but for the last 16 and a half years my money has always gone in on Saturday instead of Monday. (Might be summat to do with RBS HQ being open on a Saturday whereas most other banks aren't??? - I've never pondered too much over it though)

    Therefore, if you're wages are paid into a RBS account and you're already can look forward to blowing most of this months wages this Saturday instead of next Friday. Unless you're gonna be stagging on me!!!! :(
  5. that happened to me when i had my wages paid into a barclays account ^^^

    im with alliance and leicester now though... hope its the same lol
  6. Every month I see the same post, When is pay day or when do we get paid. It must be posted by the same moron every month trying to wind people up or get them to bite. Well I have just bitten, why do you need to ask the thousands of people who read this site why not just ask a competant person in your ranks.

    Please don't tell me you have rank as this would put all faith I have in the army out of the window. You can't because your too stupid I tell myself.

    Look if you can't manage your finances you won't get very far in life. Maybe I am being harsh and you are young and foolish but for god sakes get a grip and stop posting this nonsense.

    I am not looking for an arguement I have better things to do with my time. The reason for me posting this is it seriously got to me.

  7. If I recall correctly, overseas accounts usually get credited on the last Friday. UK accounts on the last working day.
  8. Mismanage my finances all the time and have done spectacularly well in life so far.

    Get a grip, if you don't like what people post you know where to go. The clue was clearly in the f*cking subject title.

    My friend what you believe to be a spectacular achievement is probably very insignificant to most other people. I bet your glad you managed to dress this morning and arrive for work on time.

    So if i were you and im glad im not i would sort my admin and my finances out before it bites.

  10. I actually am glad that I managed to do my job so well I was promoted within 12 months of leaving Phase 2.

    So yes, out of 126 peers that year, 2 of us were promoted.

    I consider that spectacular.

    Asking if we get paid on friday or monday is not a failing in life.

    Being so stupid you log in to a thread you do not want to read then complain, state you have 'better things to do' but then return to continue an argument is pretty f*cking forrest gump-ish.

    Ram it.
  11. singly in block. EVERY FUKING DAY!!!
  12. lol gunit and dontdreamit get over it..

    one goes out a spunks it living the dream..

    one saves it and believes in his dream..

    one's a cnut and his not the one stood next to me at the bar!!
  13. Amen to dreams.

    He's still an oxygen thief.

  14. no fella, you are a complete geek!!

    who gives a **** if you got promoted 12 months after phase 2? it means nothing, other than your a blue eyed boy ass kissing his CoC every day.
    if you were that clued up you would know when you get paid!
    after all, youve had what? at the most 24 pay days?

    finally, who cares when you get paid, it goes into the bank when it goes in!!! if its not there by the 1st then worry.
  15. Anyway, after all the bitching, does anyone actually know when we get paid????