this months jpa pay statments

The Pay Statements are already available to view by HR Admin. In my experience, they will probably not be available to self service users to view until Monday at the earliest. There is a chance they will be on there tommorow (Fri) but I would not hold your breath!!
Just a quick note. I am in the TA and my pay statements become available around the same time as yours, just that they are for the last months pay and not this months.

Is that the case with you or do you actually see your pay statement for the up coming payment?
TA pay is handled differently.

TA is attendance based and is uploaded by your unit, depending on when your unit upload your days this could result in days for the current month being carried forward to the following month for payment.
Typsey, I take it you mean the statement that appears on ArmyNet rather than JPA. The JPA one is current (but chances are being TA you don't have access to a terminal to see it) whilst, bizarrely, the Armynet, whilst being downloaded from JPA, for some odd reason is always a month behind.

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