This might sound a stupid question, about home...

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by tk338, Apr 7, 2011.

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  1. But I've looked, searched everywhere for it, maybe I;m just using the wrong search terms, or looking in the wrong places but I cannot find the answer lol.

    I'm currently applying for the army, when I say applying I've filled in the online form with all my details, grades, previous employment... etc on it and am waiting to hear back.

    Whatever the answer to my question is I want to join, but if I do how much time at home do I get?

    I live i Kent round abouts the middle looking to join as an engineer or infantry possibly, I understand I can be posted anywhere, in the world the army are, but as the army website keeps telling me in your free time you're free to go home do whatever, but how far will home be!?

    I know the answer has so many variables, but is there any chance say I'll get to spend 3 months a year near Kent or will it all be further away?

    I'm not too worried about leaving everyone at home, but a few close family members I have spoken to also will want to know more details as I go through the application process and this one is bothering me :)


    To save starting a second thread too, I understand you put down 3 job choices after the barb test? If I put infantry as 3rd would the just bung me in or would they seriously consider the first 2?

  2. The army say you get 6 weeks leave a year.Some years you get more some you will get less. In my own opnion the older i have got the less i want to go to the UK. Ihave not took leave in the UK for years. I really would not pin your hopes on being based near to where you live. If by some fluke you do get posted near home, you will just be moved after a few years.
  3. Cheers man just what I was looking for, I do want out of this country... Travel is something I really want to do so its all good :)
  4. Well try and get yourself out to Germany before it closes. I have been out here for 9 years. Gone all over the place, one car 4 lads and just bomb burst out the gate on a friday afternoon. Younger lads are not a fan of Germany cause they get home sick. But once you snap out of it and realise within 4 hours drive you have, Amsterdam,Paris,Berlin,Munich, Prague and Denmark, you will soon get into the swing.
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  5. Cheers, that sounds awesome! Have to see what I can do, I'd love to see some action too :)
  6. Still plenty of time mate,Just be careful what you wish for.
  7. Ahhhh! the joy of excited youth - hope you get where you want to go! Stay in touch with your parents.
  8. You may not believe it now, but there will come a time when you'd rather eat your own feet than spend 3 months a year back at home. There's nothing to stop the family coming to see you though :D
  9. I'm pretty sure the order you put your job choices in is an order of preference. That way when you go to ADSC and get your grade they'll try to give you your first choice, and if you don't meet the standards or whatever try for the next one down and so forth.
  10. Your guaranteed 38 days a year leave (now they have incorporated the days you should have for bank holidays into it) plus if not on Operations/exercise/essential duties you may find you get most weekends off once out of training. The first 6-8 weeks of Basic training you wont get weekends off so that is a hard time being away from family. As said above once your in the Army you will find you drift further away from wanting to go back home...I spent over 14 years in Germany so travelled around Europe ....most of my young lads from my last unit in Germany and those in UK seem just want to jump in a car and go home at weekends.

    Regarding preferences pick the three jobs you want to do in order of preference if you dont pass for them all at least you have the end of your interview by the ADSO you then choose the job you passed for which is hopefully your first choice if not you have back up ...some times if still unsure the ADSO may leave it for your Recruiter to discuss at Interview 4 stage...just make sure you choose the job because you want to do it for the next 12/24 years and not just because you will get in quicker.