This might seem silly but....

Discussion in 'Officers' started by r.sole, Feb 15, 2008.

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  1. Ok, need some advice, and you will take the p*ss. But I don't care.

    Wear shirts/suits to work. Mostly without a tie.

    Run or gym a few days during the week, sometimes at lunctime. Like most fellas am still sweating a bit when I get back - not enough time to cool down before shower etc. To solve this problem, I a) spray half a can of Sure under my arms (doesnt work as well for the back!), and b) wear a white t-shirt under my shirt.

    currently wearing crew neck t-shirts that make me look like one of our American brothers. Does anyone know where I can get t-shirts with v-necks? tried all the usual places (M&S etc) and the ones that they have are so thin that they are pointless.

    Ok. Let the p**s taking commence.
  2. You're right to have put this in the Officer's forum!

  3. Peacocks - or if you are going to wear them when you are minging I gather they will not be expensive so cut a big V in your crew neck T shirts
  4. Maybe you should try a place you wouldn't "usually" go too, or get some made for you.
  5. You go to work in a suit without a tie!!!!! Pray confirm you are civil service. If not, just out of interest, what capbadge do you wear?
  6. Matalan - 2 for a 5 quid!
  7. These days I'm a civilian. Work in the City for a hedge fund so it's ok not to wear a tie - in fact most people don't wear suits anymore.

    meant to post this in the "I'm slightly poncy but I wont admit it Dandy clothes forum thing" on the basis that someone reading might have a clue (whereas I clearly don't). Was pretty shagged on Friday evening (markets have been nailing us, plus that I'm an idiot when it comes to computers, so surprised that it was posted at all.

    Am going to do a trial. Have been to Matalan for two for a fiver, and John lewis for two for a tenner, plus been sent given some sort of space age Canterbury ruby t-shirt baselayer thing by somebody at work. Apart from the fact that it looks like the top half of a gimp suit, he assures me that the technology does work (mind you, he's a broker at an investment bank so you can't beleieve a word he utters..)
  8. Get to fuck. We don't all dress like tramps.
  9. Outstanding that you have to come on here to ask such a bone question. You're ex mil and working in the city so you're not exactly daft are you?

    Get a grip man!
  10. Try Calvin Klein on the Figleaves website.

    there are lots of girlies in pants too. get in!
  11. ASDA 3 for £10. You can spend an extra £5 and get a suit. A suit and 3 V Neck T shirts for £20.

  12. Erm lets see if I have this right , you work for a city hedge fund and shop at Matalan? I take it you bought Bigtime into Northen Rock shares :p
  13. Or get back some standards and buy a sodding tie.