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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by the_guru, Jul 3, 2006.

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  1. As I have been travelling up and down various motorways over the last couple of weeks on my bike, most recently to and from the GP at Donington, I have had plenty of occasion to look at the driving skills of the road going population. As a bike rider it is incredibly frustrating when a car sits in the outer overtaking lane with nothing on the inner two lanes. I have been undertaking these cars, which I know isn't exactly legal but if you ride a bike, you'll know why we do it. I decided to look at the people in these cars and every single one that was doing it was either Asian or Black. Now I have come to the conclusion that these people are most probably immigrants. Do immigrants have to do a test on arrival in UK, or do they do a like for like swap of licences, or don't they even bother and just drive anyway? The controversial bit is that I am having a pop at immigrant driving skills NOT Black people. Does anyone who lives in an area with high immigrant (and by this I mean new immigrants such as Somalis etc) populations notice poorer driving skills in their areas?
  2. Oh yes. Where I live we have a surreal amount of immigrants and for the most part the driving is crap. I had a fall out with a Somali the other week when he was going one way down a one way street................ the wrong way. He just kept saying he was Somali... don't know what I do wrong. Tosser. It would be very wrong to generalise all of them though. Just probably not taught to the standards we are.
  3. Been to several asian countries ........ everytime I got a native to drive me around as it was worse than rush hour in Rome!!!

    If you are not from a EU country I think you can drive for a year here on your own country license (I know Canadians and Americans that do this) and then you have to take a UK test.

    I think I must agree with you, also have you noticed how many cars designed for 5 people tops have 7 - 9 adults and kids in them?

  4. Varies from country to country. Some you can do a like for like swap, your foriegn licence for a uk one. Some you can drive for 12 months from date of first arriving in uk (contrary to popular opinion a 2 week holiday back home does not mean your 12 months start again) on a foriegn licence then you must get a uk one

    Alternatively do what alot of people do (of all races) and don't bother getting a licence at all.
  5. Asian Women mate. Every time someone pulls out on me it's an Asian Woman. I do live in near Crawley so statistically it's not that unusual but last time I rode in Oslo an Asian Woman pulled out on me - what are the chances?

    Undertaking is totally necessary on a bike. I plan it and go for two or three in one swoop. The less time we're on the road the less chance of being offed and if I've been behind a motor for 1 minute on full (Blue Flame) blast and there's nothing on their left then they're clearly so unanware of my presence as to be blind / deaf. Couple of lifesavers and in. If they're in the "fast lane" and there's nowt in the middle I still go over to the "slow lane" just incase they decide to sweep over.

    As I'm sure you're aware this almost Never occurs in France or Germany.
  6. I have had a sick car for a while so I have been taking it steady on the motorways. Surprisingly, driving has become a lot more interesting because I have the time to both admire the landscape and other drivers! My fuel consumption has also markedly improved whilst my average speed has only dropped a little.

    I find the people in the outside lanes are all colours and all sexes; male, female and indeterminate.

    I regret that the middle lane hoggers tend to be male and female in their 40s to 60s, IMHO. I reckon that is because they can afford the cars with cruise control and they set it to 69mph - so as not to get a speeding ticket. But because they aren't thinking, they will happily creep into my blind spot and sit there, even though we are both closing with a large woofer. The younger lads and lasses don't give a stuff about tickets, so they are in the outer lane!

    I agree that, over the last 2-3 years, everyone has taken to driving in the right hand two lanes. I cannot work out whether that is due to the impact of the (local) rules for the M25 (stay in your lane) or whether it is because everyone is in such a hurry!

    I also believe that the police don't enforce the law on keeping to the left because such drivers slow down those who would otherwise go even faster.

  7. You can't limit this to immigrants. I come from up north and as you may well know there are many many ethnic minorities (prolly majorities by now) living around that area.

    As far as motorway driving is concerned the main thing I have noticed is that it is generally white women or old people that hog the outside lane in the manner that you have described and I must confess to have undertaken a few in my car from time to time.

    Most of the minorities who may or may not be immigrants are young asian lads and I dont normally see them for very long as they generally do around 120 Mph (guess) in the outside lane in beemers and mercs and generally cars they could never afford or afford to insure at their age.

    Although in my own opinion I have a very good understanding of the highway code i still did my pass plus (to lower my insurance obviously) maybe motorway driving should be included on the driving tests or drivers caught driving like this be punished and forced to do this or something similar.

    As far as the legal aspect is concerned surely they could be done for driving without due care and attention as they are not paying attention to the actions of other road users.....
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    lifesaver - whatever you have to do stay safe :!:
  9. My first crash was caused by an old white man, the second by an asian, the third by a white women and the last by a big white bloke

    The only connection was that they were all cunts
  10. Thats what you get for living in Djibouti.
  11. You do not know fear until you have been in a car on the 405 Freeway in Los Angeles with a Korean girl at the wheel.
  12. Only passed my driving test in August 05, so not driving that long, but i was always taught the rules of the road, i.e. stay to the left lane, overtake in the middle, fast in the right lane. Its simple, and frankly, anyone sitting in the middle/right hand lane is too idle to just pull into the left. This is one fo the things that causes big hold ups on roads.

    Travel the A303 every day, and its horrendous for bad driving standards.
  13. I have lived in a number of several Asian countries over the last 20 years. In Japan, Singapore and (since the ICAC cleaned things up) Hong Kong there is a driving test which ould be pretty equivalent to the UK. In most other countries lessons are entirely unecessary and the requirements for getting a license are a few notes of the appropriate denomination handed to the examiner or issuing authority. A few years ago in Thailand the going rate for a license was 6 quid. I am sure the situation in africa would be similar. With those licenses they can go across and drive in the UK or elsewhere.

    Of course forcing them to prove they can actually drive before taking to the roads in the UK would offend the OC brigade.
  14. Although this does not relate to driving ability; 1 in 14 drivers on the A14 has no insurance.

    Gives you something to think about.
  15. I wonder if those who hog the middle lane of a 3 lane motorway realise they have instantly turned it into a 2 lane dual carrigeway. They probably complain about congestion aswell.