This may sound stupid/brash/arrogant but ...

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by DeusVolt, Mar 23, 2009.

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  1. ...I want to get stuck in the thick of it.
    I want to be an officer in the forces, originally thinking Parachute regiment, but that was predominantly as I believed they saw the most frontline duty.

    Can anyone help validate/de-bunk this assumption?
    I want to join a regiment to fight on the front.

    Obviously I can't say for sure how I'll react under-fire and things, but generally I tend to take danger lightly, like breaking out in laughter as my mate's car slid on ice towards a lamppost (didn't go down well with everyone else when crisis was averted) though really there's no telling how I'll react to hot pointy metal.
    Though that's not to say I won't take the job in hand seriously, I just want to get stuck in and have if anything greater regard for other's lives than my own.
    Life is too precious to guard it too jealously ;)

    Anyway any help I'd be thankful for, and God Bless all those servicing.
  2. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    ...and breathe!

    Stupid questions aren't encouraged in this forum but they are allowed.

    The answer is, go to your local recruiting office and tell them you are interested in becoming an infantry officer. They will talk you through your qualifications and give you an information pack. In the meantime, try reading a few books on the modern British Army and watch as many documentaries as you can about Afghanistan, Iraq etc etc. The Ross Kemp series have been very good but there are others out there as well.
  3. Arr you must be on about the RLC servicing
  4. Well I think I'm going to look up statistics and things
    Need to validate existence somehow, and let's face it, War is the (second) oldest profession ;)

    Cheers for help anyway.
  5. 'stupid/brash/arrogant'

    Officer seems to be the right career for you. Not saying a word about para's. :)
  6. Servicing what? Your mum? Thanks to the joy of Central Fleet Management it's the REME who do most of the vehicle servicing.
  7. immature, childish,vicarious,self absorbed.....
  8. You seem to be able to spell, and use a modicum of grammar.

    You'd not fit in.....
  9. Methinks someone has been taking Heidegger a bit too seriously...
  10. So, if I want to join to do that which soldiers do, or rather a small part of what they do, I'm immature, childish and self absorbed? (**** knows what vicarious means; I'll just have to live with that gaping hole in my life.)

    Although yeah I am pretty self-absorbed, hence why I want to give some of my life to a greater cause, maybe teach me some humility and place myself in the context of the world and realise that that which I think and feel is not the only example of what there is to think and feel.

    I figure none of us are here for long, so better to pursue some worthy goals than work away for pennies in the hope of getting a stylish car.
    If that's childish then call me Peter Pan, buddy, because that's how I want to live my life.
  11. Taking danger lightly is the last thing you should do as an Officer.
  12. When you say get stuck in the thick of it, do you mean rifle in hand putting rounds down at Terry or rifle in hand telling overs where to put rounds down while attempting to work out whats going on and what to do next?

    If its the first then join but as a soldier if its the later crack on but an army officer has two jobs one is leading in the field the other is looking after your soldiers in barracks and managing their careers. Have you thought about this side of it? As you appear to just want to be Rambo.
  13. Well thanks for the genuine responses, I have dithered over the whole officer/soldier choice, and to be honest my original posting of this tpoic was fuelled by alcohol, so hence why it sounds a bit twatish.

    I'm going to have a word with the recruitment officer, and see just what is involved. Lord knows I don't want to be a liability to the safety of others - if I do go for officer it will be only if I have the strictest confidence in myself and my abilities.

    Anyway thanks a lot guys.

    :arrow: Pro Fide, Pro Utilitate Hominum 8)
  14. If you want to get cracking and 'get to grips' with Terry soonest possible, then joining in the ranks will be your quickest route, purely as you sha'n't spend a year at Sandhurst- nor will you have to do your Briefing and Main Board first, which could also take as much as a year to get done.

    Joining in the ranks doesn't mean you cannot go for a commission later- I for one am off to Afghan this year (my first tour) and intend to do Sandhurst as soon as I can afterwards. I've laready done Main Board, so I can more or less roll from one into the other.

  15. Love it - Wiki tells me that you might be a SJA youngster and on your Super Badger Award - working towards the 'Super Badger Award'. This award consists of members completing 12 subjects, such as 'Creative', 'Global' and 'Wild' Badger. The award is split into 5 sections, where Badgers advance through completing more subjects.