This may intrest you.....

Tonight,Channel 4 at 1930hrs to 2135hrs

Drama Documentary recreating the events of 1st July 1916

The Somme

It has been shown before,but for those who missed it you might want to tune in.
Think I have seen it before but won't be watching it as I get very angry at the waste. Just walk across lads, there won't be anything left after all the shells we have fired over. Lions led by donkey's indeed.
I went to the Somme on Wednesday and visited the Canadian Memorial, amongst others, i walked through the Trenches and thought to myself how glad i am that i am a Soldier in this age and not back then.

The closeness of the battle lines, was unbelieveable, even though i have read about the Somme many times before, to see it for the first time was eye opening.

To visit the various memorials and see how many Sappers lost their lives amongst the 10000's of Troops, was a very humbleing experience.


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