This man would be suicidal if a bird shat on his car

Bambi said:
Don't any of you people feel sorry for the poor sad b*stard?
Yes, I feel really, really sorry for this individual. :roll:

While deeply sorry for him, I shall also have sleepless nights worrying about his paintwork. The though of his Mister-Muscle paint being marked by a fleck of dust, or [God forbid] a raindrop has me .... shivering.

Still, amidst all the worries, it;s really comforting to know that someone is seriously sadder than .... the rest of us. :D
I saw something on 5th Gear or the like about a bloke who does an 85 stage car wash (or some ridiculous number like that) it cost about £6000 a time and he uses this special mud type stuff that costs more a kilo than gold. It was actually quite interesting, but thank feck they didn't show all the stages

Now admittedly his customers were those that owned expensive motors (250K plus) and not some poxy Vauxhall.
All that effort (and money) only to have it trashed by some unlicensed Romanian in a Lada.
the thing thats really pis*ed me off is the fact that i will never get the time back that i have just wasted reading about a Vauxhall f*cking astra.I'd rather have a f*cking lada or a skoda thanks.

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