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This man would be suicidal if a bird shat on his car


Book Reviewer
Dopey cnut has polished the fcuk out of the lacker, and removed it.

Ooooooh looooook, I think I've just shot my load - a SHINY VAUXHALL!
Must say I was very disapointed

I read this thread thinking at some stage some

bird was going to take a dump in his car
Command task for you Hedgie:

1. Find out the sad gits address.
2. Find some local slapper who´s up for a laugh.
3. Check battery charge on camera.
4. Post results on ARRSE.
5. Earn a night out on the lash at my expense.

The guys face could be used for the "priceless" part of a VISA advert :twisted:
It's sad that the only thing that would get this muppet sexually excited would be a highly polished alloy of no less than 17" with low profiles :p

Get a life you sad, pathetic example of humanity 8O

:twisted: fcuk a bird shitting on it ,ill do it now!!!wearing footie boots with metal studs to get onto the roof (need a bit of grip)

then put a claymore in his glove box

:x SAD man wasting a lot of oxygen hope a joyrider nicks it lols :twisted:

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