This Man needs to be caught!!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by slidemanpurple, Sep 15, 2007.

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    He abducted my daughter!Any help you can give to getting this paedophile caught would be much appreciated.Call 08450454545 and tell Detective Sergeant Steve Toms.Thanks!
  2. Yep noticed that after id posted, fixed now though
  3. I thought that was fecked up but my sister (an evil social worker) says there are a fair few "Adult" immigrants posing as 15-16 year olds in some schools.....

    Seems there is very little can be done about it MADNESS!!
  4. Is he really 21 or 17 like one of the comments stated
  5. He came round our home in a school uniform!Told us he was 16!He weighs like 8stone.Talked about the exams he was taking!Talked about what he was gonna do in sixth form!He met our daughter outside her school in school uniform.There were no clues to him being 21.
    We notified the police when we found out he was 21.We only found out the day after he abducted our daughter!Our daughter only found out he was 21 three quarters through her giving her police statement!
    We were upset reading the comments made about us because they were being made without the facts.We co-operated with the police advice to get her home.We never knew him as a 21 year old.My daughter wouldn't have gone out with a 21 year old-and we wouldn't have allowed her to go out with a 21 year old.All our family and friends had been introduced to him-as a 16 year old!We are all very angry and upset.Sadly the way the story was initially reported it made it sound like we knew he was 21 and he was a much loved 21 year old extension of the family.The police said that he being 21 was factual and had to be reported as such-but we only ever knew him as a 16 year old schoolboy!The fact he has managed to con us and even a school is some proof of the lengths he goes to-he is totally believable!His mum actually works for social services!
    He is using myspace under one of his many names James Chester.We have reported him.He says he is 16.
    Sadly here in Portsmouth the Police are more concerned about stopping another Paulsgrove paedophile riot happening rather than actually catching the paedophiles.I find this sad.This is a fact-because I have had the riot act read to me by the police themselves stating they don't want another Paulsgrove incident.They are short of manpower resources.Sadly they had this man in custody and let him go.Now they don't know where he is!
    We would appreciate your help to get this man.
  6. It puts a different slant on it if he was pretending to be a school boy, some thing the Media did not pass onto the public.

    I seem to remember a case in the 1990's of a bloke who screwed up his life so decided to change identities and become a school boy and start his life all over again.
    Also I went school with a refugee who passed him self off as a 15 year old so he could take his GCSE's. The First any one knew about it was when he came into school to get his "real" date of birth and name put on his certificates!!!!!
  7. Someone spotted him this week along our balcony-outside of our flat!So he's still in Portsmouth!Told the Police today.
    Also on that Portsmouth News story page people can leave online comments-some girl said she saw him the other day bowling in Gunwharf!
    Why when there is a warrant for his arrest have the Police not been more active in catching him?They keep saying that he's not in Portsmouth!Yet when you ask them they say they don't know where he is!
    Forget to say that his mum is a social worker!
  8. Fcuking Immigrant scum - When is our Government going to learn from it's mistakes and get a grip???! :x :roll:
  9. Take it he's not originally from Portsmouth then..??..
  10. He is white.He is from Portsmouth.He is 21 years old but cons everybody that he is only 16.There is a warrant for his arrest-that is for tha abduction of my 13(now 14) year old daughter.We only ever knew him as a 16 year old-he came round our home in school uniform!He is also in breach of his two year community rehabilitation order for a bomb hoax he did at Hewlett Packard-the judge didn't send him to prison because he might get bullied!We only found this out after my daughter was abducted by him!He has been exposed by our local newspaper The News(see original link)as actually attending a Portsmouth school as an adult!!!!He lives with his mum and older brother in Garnier Street,Fratton,Portsmouth.Their home backs onto ASDA-so he never uses the front door and goes to and fro via his back wall.So if the Police knock the front door he bolts it out the back!His mum works for social services!I go knock his front door and I get a warning and harrassment from the Police-he seems to be wandering Portsmouth and they don't arrest him.We are confused.I wish I knew how to let the Naval cops know-'cos they might see him round Portsmouth.
  11. First I've heard about it and I read The News and watch local tv... couldn't have got much coverage??
  12. hope they get the guy and he falls down the stairs in the bungalow while resisting arrest / trying to escape.