This man is a genius.

And henceforth we must all follow his shining example with Amazon reviews.

Take for example, this most helpful review of a humble surge protection tower:

"The first thing you think when you open this is just why nobody thought of providing a tower mechanism for plugs previously. It's a great idea. I used to have surge problems but not since my partner got this for me and, once I'd plugged in my tower all the protection from my tower surges were eradicated.

Safe in the knowledge thqt surges coming through will be quickly wiped away, even if I've got a full 10in (which is rare these days as not many can accommodate my full tower). I only really need 7in at a time but this still leaves 3 spare - maybe it's bragging a bit but I bet there are very few people who can say they can take the full 10in.

It's easy to use and takes up so little space compared to a flat extension lead. You can get 5in at the front and another 5in round the back - there might be cord everywhere but it's certainly a neat little system which has worked well for me.

If you need a surge protector to control tower consider this. "
Centre Door Knob M51 Polished Brass
Offered by indecor
Price: £15.32
Availability: In stock

4.0 out of 5 stars

A good, solid knob, 7 Jul 2008

I got one of these for my front door, and I can say my knob has caused quite a stir with the neighbours. My knob stands proud and has been much admired, with many comments to myself and my wife, saying how lucky she is to have such a tremendous knob. It was actually my wife who suggested we get a new one - being a keen gardener, she thought it would compliment her well trimmed bush, tucked nicely in the portico corner. She was of course correct. It really is a tremendous piece and makes a bold statement. There is no doubt that my wife will enjoy polishing my knob for years to come.
Shameless bump

This is a truly superb bargain!! Golf clubs are a funny thing, especially woods. You either bond with your wood or not - for me personally there is nothing more satisfying than cracking one off with your wood, straight down the middle on its way to the hole. With the Dunlop Max pro you can be sure that your aim will be true, thanks to its rigid shaft. I often spend time just admiring my rigid shaft, it really is a thing of beauty. For the novices ideally you should keep your wood covered however occasionally I let the head of my wood poke out bare to the elements. I have to admit there is something appealing about having it in the open for all to admire and I get some comments I can tell you!

On to the actual wood itself, as soon as you feel the rubber gripped tightly you know you have something special in your hands. Once you swing your wood (even just in fresh air) the feeling is quite exhilerating - touch your ball and the rush is immense. With each stroke you know you are onto a winner and will want to get your wood out more and more.

At £15, this is a wood not to be missed - once tried you will feel a little smug look coming over your face.
Just revisted the link and snorted coffee through my nose on reading this. I wonder if Amazon know.....

Over Land and Sea: Memoir of an Austrian Rear Admiral's Life in Europe and Africa, 1857-1909 (Hardcover

Get into the rear admiral's passage , 15 Jul 2008

"Seen through the rear admiral's brown eyes, this passage reflects the activities of the Austrian Rear Admiral, his adventures and travels through the annals of time.

His recollection of extensive support of his commanding officer gives a great insight into life during the early 1900s. As Hahnel moves through time and indeed across Europe and Africa, you really get a feeling for the rear admiral's position and the regime he was committed to. Whilst maybe not everyone's desired route in life, the Rear Admiral's piece can be admired and probed more and more, each time finding something new to behold.

It's a little difficult to get into at first but once inside you'll feel a warm glow. Once I'd got into it I never wanted to do anything else, often cramming as much in as I had available, which often left me with a sore head.

Initialy I found it a little hard to keep it up, but I persevered and my very kind partner often held it for me which was a nice touch. Even when she wasn't there, such was the excitement of wanting to peel back the layers of this enlightening piece, I'd often spread my load across my legs.

What amazed me was the depth with which you could get into the Rear Admiral. Time literally flies by. For those wanting an insight into the life and travels in the post-1918 era and travels through Europe and Africa, then look no further than this Rear Admiral's passage. "

I am going to lunch now because people are wondering what I am on.
I really must stop reading these......

Flange Repositioning Tool - PSA 16v
Price: £17.39

Availability: In stock

Good tool for flanges, 6 Jul 2008

"Having taken an avid interest in piping and flanges since my engineering degree at university, I never cease to be amazed at the variations of flange I come across.

Some are actually quite old and require a fair amount of persuasion before you can get them into the right position, often requiring a good deal of lubrication. One thing that I have learned is that getting the flange to co-operate requires a steady hand and a good tool.

This is where this tool comes into its own and is a very worthwhile addition to my collection. It has a sturdy shaft and good length, the flange gripping head is very well made and the red end (the part you would grip tightly) is just perfect.

It was actually a while before I got the opportunity to use my tool but omce I did (on a service call) I unleashed my tool and was straight into the flange. It worked like a dream. I have to say this is one piece and I'd be happy to get my tool stuck into anyone's flange now. "
Thet is pure class. :D Great find.
I'd not previously needed an organ stand, however after seeing a couple of my friend's organs and how awkward they looked when playing without a dedicated stand, I realised time was right for me to get one. I have to say that this is as simple as it gets - merely a couple of tubes, hinged with feet. However it's well made and supports my hefty organ no problems. I have to say that now me and my organ (and stand) are the envy of my friends. It does exactly as it says on the tin too, as, after playing for a while, it's literally a quick release for your organ.

That is hilarious, I laughed so much a bit of wee nearly came out.

"The Cottage DVD.

Strange little one, 11 Oct 2008
It's a bit of an odd film - funny in parts, a little scary in others without really delivering fully on either. I'm still unsure on this one but I know one things for sure - I won't be going cottaging again for quite a while."

"Stainless Hand Hoe

Nice and neat, 7 Jul 2008
This is a great little hoe, perfect for those little beds and, in the case of my wife, smaller hands. The quality combination of shaft girth and head combine to form a high quality tool, one that slips easily into my wife's hand. If anyone can pull off a little tool like this one, Burgon and Ball can. As hoes go, it certainly does a great little hand job."

Do you reckon Amazon will catch on? Would make a good book (I mentioned it first) to be sold on Amazon.
Had to dip into these reviews after my last meeting which really was quite depressing (cost reduction). But immediately cheered me up:

9ct White Gold Battered Ring Link 7.5" Bracelet

Availability: Currently unavailable

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful:

Never seen one like this, 17 Jul 2008

I have seen a few rings I can tell you but none such as this battered ring. My partner always comments on wanting a battered ring but has never ventured further or offered me more.

On seeing this I thought I had to snap it up but the price put me off. My partner would really like me to give her a battered ring so I'm saving up until I have a large enough deposit to fulfil her desire.
Top stuff!

Have a look at the customer reviews for the bible on, then compare them with how seriously the Septics take it all, apart from a couple of exceptions, on
The River Cottage Meat Book
by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall
Edition: Paperback
Price: £12.99

Availability: In stock

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful:
Truly great meat, 22 Sep 2008
This is a fantastic book and lives up to all the expectations I'd had when rading the reviews on Amazon. It truly isenlightening to see someone being frank and honest about eating meat - I have to say he really is open about his meat and goes into great detail about what he likes to do with his meat. It's a great reference for all wannabe chefs, and let's face it many of us fancy ourselves as the next big thing.
I love cooking and so does my partner. We often like to entertain a throng of guests with a buffet or smaller guests with a 3 course meal (smaller meaning less numbers, not height restricted). Anyway we are always looking for new recipes to excite our guests and chanced upon this little gem. With no shame, we are not vegetarians so like so we look for unusual things to do with our meat. We have been known to tightly bound our beef and prick it with rosemary and garlic - the juices just flow out and create the tastiest creamy beef sauce - and when sliced and place to the side of the plate, the moist, red beef curtans provide a superb frame in which can be place all manner of other ingredients. I have a particular penchant for lamb and exotic recipes such as Moroccan lamb, slowly cooked with apricots and other such ingredients really bring out the best of my tender meat. We also have a joint liking for venison, although this can be dear. I really must say that the contents of this book cover all these types of meat and more and is a real delight to see suggestions that really do the ingredients justice. Most people may consider chicken to be a little bland, however given the right herbs and spices even a dull piece of chicken can be turned into a real feast. For me there is nothing like a nice lean breast, sprinkled with a little cheese for that real treat at supper. However what we both really like is pork. For me a slow roasted skewer with pomodorini, sweet AND hot peppers, onion and lightly oiled pork gives the ultimate satisfaction - a veritable pork sword length of enjoyment. My partner however prefers something a little sweeter and for her, nothing puts a smile on her face more than when she has pork in cider.
These are somewhat better written;

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