this made me think twice

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by geeza182, Oct 21, 2008.

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  1. '.im gunna b joining the army soon and cant wait 2 drive a bullet straight thru a dirty taliban pakki bastrds face'

    i love the reasons what some people have for joining the army.
    of course im going to come across a few people like this when i get in but to be honest id rather not meet any.
  2. You've thought your life?

    I think you're lying

    crap wah by the way....done to death
  3. I hope you are a really shite attempt at a wah, if not then I hope you die during training.
  4. Its Him off Undercover Soldier!!!!!
  5. i know the first post i made myself sound like a complete pansey but what im getting at, is this realy the attitude to have when joining?

    i hope the taliban and what not get all what they deserve.

    i just think the lad who said that is full of crap.

    im obviously not people's favourite member at the moment.
  6. Wah or not .........

    What you have described is certainly not the attitude of 99.9% of the British Armed Forces. The .1% who may be like that are in my view largely kept in check by the other 99.9%.