This made me angry

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by gunnerfalkey, Aug 17, 2008.

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    I don't care if he is a "troll" or not, he deserves to die a long, and slow painful death.


    I can't speak right now, i just want to go over to the states and hurt him so badly....

  2. Well, he's aired his bile on a national news channel rather than a non-descript Facebook group like the cnuts over here... and there's an awful lot of guns on that side of the pond... one can only hope...
  3. Just another attention seeker, and also choose one of the following-

    1.Got on the wrong end of a windmilling squaddie.
    2.His girlfriend got shagged by one,who was predictably better at making the beast with two backs.
    3.He failed selection.......about 3 times.
    4.His homosexual advances towards a squaddie were declined, probably violently.
  4. It was quite fascinating listening to how the presenter spoke to the tw@t. I can't imagine any BBC presenters calling their interviewees morons, idiots or stupid etc. and speaking to the person as if they were the lowest scum on the planet.
  5. Why has this made you angry, Falks? He got shown up on Spam telly for the gutless retard he is, he had no argument to defend what he thought and he got a good verbal shoeing. Its on Youtube for the world to see, case closed I think.
  6. Sure, get some t.wat who can not even spell his fecking name and put him on TV. Then sit back and claim the arrsehole is representative of the Democratic Party.

    Oldest trick in the book.

    The man is a total loon. To put him on TV is an affront to intelligent people everywhere.

    Problem is, like the original poster and subsequent posters, people will actually believe that he airs the views of right thinking Democrats.

    This is akin to putting up a three year old against a college proffesor.
  7. camp as a row of tents

  8. I want to buy that News Presenter a nice cool can of Bud and High five him with a stars and stripes nearby... What a guy.

    Can you imagine Trevor "The gob" McDoogle doing that??? Not likely.

    Edit to add - Contrary to the thread title this has made me happy. The fact that somebody had the back bone live on TV to lay it on the table and say "You're a fcuking retard" (Well, kind of)... Remarkable!

    Our Journo's should be made to watch this clip before writing articles and our presenters should use it as a training aide for how to speak to Politicians!
  9. The one time i have liked what a chap on Fox news (the presenter) had to say.
  10. Making people angry is what this mental case seems to live for. He even faked his own murder ( in front of his family at the hands of off duty US soldiers, of course).

    He's been doing this for years and getting the attention he so desperately craves from people who fall into his trap of giving him that attention. For misanthropes like him, bad publicity is still good publicity.

    Yes, I am still advocating his brutal torture-murder even though I can't be bothered to risk life imprisonment by doing it myself. :wink:
  11. Turns out the guy was a recruit in the army but dropped out of basic a few weeks in.

    Butthurt? BAWWWWWWWWWWW!
  12. He may be a tw*t, but so is Sean Hannity
  13. kill him.

    see above.
  14. The interviewer is spot on, just a shame they had to give this idiot attention, it only encourages them!