This looks like fun!

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Zoot, Dec 30, 2009.

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  1. Zoot

    Zoot Old-Salt

  2. eodmatt

    eodmatt LE

    Oh YES!
  3. SilsoeSid

    SilsoeSid War Hero

    We tried it with the Lynx a few years ago...a one shot opportunity, but the boat just went straight out the other door they were going so fast!
  4. Ralf

    Ralf War Hero

    "BOAT" don't you mean one small Kenyan school boy with arm bands! :roll:
  5. Taffnp

    Taffnp LE

    A new take on the Italian job :)
  6. Nulli_Boy

    Nulli_Boy War Hero

    That is so fkn Cooooool !
  7. SilsoeSid

    SilsoeSid War Hero

    Ralf, I think you are confusing incidents.

    The schoolboy was rescued from a river, at night on NVG with a Gazelle.
    The boat 'trial' was at sea during the day, somewhere a long way from our shores.

    The schoolboy rescue was a 'CR exempt' occasion apparently. :x
  8. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    'Kin ell !
  9. EX_STAB


    The Boat Trial in the video was off Lulworth Cove or somewhere in that neck of the woods. Been posted often before, usually attributed to US SF but it isn't.
  10. EX_STAB


  11. This was SBS/RAF wasn't it?
  12. plugbore295

    plugbore295 Old-Salt

    Impressive stuff allways wondered why taxi drivers had web feet

    DAKOTA_STAB Old-Salt

    not sure wether this is the shakeys or the blades or some other type of sf unit. ive seen this done for real in 96. only saw it done the once. the loadie told me they weren't doing it again. when they bought the chinooks they wanted to have this ability but the yanks couldn't guarantee the structures from corrosion, even they were bought with this in mind. :roll: . something to do with the guarantee that mod negotiated.
  14. RoverDriver

    RoverDriver Swinger

    In the 80's, an RAF loadie who had been on an early US Chinook conversion course run for the RAF when we first bought them told me that they had this water landing demonstrated.

    On lifting from the inland lake they used, a fish was found in the aircraft, so the RAF chaps wrote to the Guiness Book of Records to see if they could claim any type of fishing entry to the book. I was assured this was true, but you never know...
  15. SilsoeSid

    SilsoeSid War Hero

    Why quote me?

    My posts seems fairly clear....'Lynx' and ....'a long way from our shores'