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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by muhandis89, May 25, 2011.

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  1. Para pay has been in the sights of the bean counters in Whitehall for many a year.

    Had it not for the efforts of Teflon Jackson this would have appeared years ago.
  2. It's been on the cards for a while with the reduced parachuting role within the Air Assault world.

    It might be useful to keep the parachuting role but with the RAF not even being able to sort deployment and RnR flights there is no chance of being able to get blokes to parachute - having the troops to jump means nothing if you can't get them in the air.

    Any ideas what's next for the bacon slicer?
  3. Lets face it, no one loves paras(except paras and they love themselves too much) but this is too much. Para pay costs four million. To put that in context four million will pay for my local hospital to operate for 2 days. It will pay for a week of policing in North Wales and about 1 and a half days operating costs for the local council. In other words it's a pittance.

    I can't believe that I'm sticking up for a bunch of big headed bastards who would call me a hat but the point of parachute training is not dropping out of the sky onto a modern battlefield, they will probably never do it but then the Queen doesn't really need to march the colours up and down the ranks on horseguards so that they will recognise it in battle. The point of parachute training is to infuse an idea that they are better than everyone else (i.e. turn them into big headed bastards). Every unit does it (or they did) it's just that the para's particular brand of brainwashing is particularly effective. That four million quid is cheap at twice the price when you want some stupid bastard to do something that no sensible person would do because it's too dangerous. Jumping out of planes is dangerous, painful and stupid and that's the whole point of para's. It's not just about wearing pretty pastel coloured headgear and too tight t-shirts, it's about people who will pay a price in blood that the tossers we elect would never pay in a million years.
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  4. Point is you and I know they will still do P coy. And some bright spark in Whitehall has said the same( more than likely an ambitious red tab from the 'Reg' .

    With Line Bn's Marines and air assault all doing by far similar tasks in the real world this may have an impact on Para Reg recruitment but with in reality only having to fill 2 Bns
  5. But if the saving of £4 mil was made available to actually fund training jumps wouldn't that address the well publised issue of Para's without wings?

    Would a Para rather have 'wings' or para pay?
  6. The cut is not for all para pay, it's to stop para pay for those who wouldn't ever be called upon to use it - i.e cooks and clerks in 16 Air Assault Brigade who have become para qualified.
    Para Regiment should be largely unaffected.