this just in from David Icke! Bombs disguised as cream pies!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by londonirish, Aug 18, 2006.

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  1. it MUST be true, you couldn't make this up, nobody would believe you :D
  2. Londonirish, after your last post in the NAAFI I don't know whether to believe you or not! Is this another one of your fairy stories? :)
  3. ha ha, no its actually from a mailshot by David Icke, so its one of his fairy stories if you will, more of him at
  4. Is he not the one that thought he was the Messiah for a bit..... then changed his mind?
  5. Someone's winding you up! This has to be the plot from one of Ben Dover’s productions.

    And another thing, wtf is David Ike still doing in the land of the living? I thought he'd disappeared up his own backside years ago. At least he's binned the shell suit. Maybe we can send him into the Lebanon to broker a peace deal. Then the Red Sea pedestrians can nail him to a cross like they did with the last Son of God who gobbed off.
  6. Strikes me Icke is a genius, who'd suspect a man (or Dwarf :omfg:) on a unicycle? Can't work out how they'd get up the aircraft steps though...

    I'm almost tempted to buy his books and DVDs to find out what the insufferable idiot is chimping on about now. Didn't he claim that a race of lizards is trying to take over the Earth, or is that scientlology?
  7. Didn't he claim that a race of lizards is trying to take over the Earth, or is that scientlology?

    Its called New Labour !
  8. John Prescot will come now in his black helicopters and silence you with his malet.
  9. In a purple tracksuit no doubts ?
  10. Proberly, that or his civil service pimping outfit.
  11. no, promise, its true. Wel its true that Icke says its true I mean. Reegister on his website, you will get one or two highly amusing sales emails each week.
  12. Is there a secret handshake?
  13. claw-shake mate, get a grip, all the powerful people are really lizzards
  14. Frighten the bug gers and see if you can make their tails drop off.