This Joker used to be Dick Cheneys ME Advisor...

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Azrael2006, Oct 5, 2007.

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  1. Why is it Every US Gobshite who can access the Media for their 5 minutes of fame, seems desperate to turn this world into a modern day battle/Crusade between the Crescent Vs the Cross?

    They cant even maintain troop levels in Iraq and every other week they are saying " Lets go to War" Vs Iran...Syria and anywhere else that doesnt conform to their ideals...

    Someone please put a laser target designator on his bonce and do us all a favour.
  2. Previously, when various Arab/Muslim commentators have referred to a US/Zionist conspiracy to wipe out Islam/dominate the world etc etc I have always thought they were utter Jihadist nutcases. I am starting to worry that they may have had a point.
  3. He's a very scarey man. They do say that when Satan comes to earth he won't have horns and a tail, but a suit and a smile. There he is.
  4. Can Jerry Bruckheimer direct a film about the war? Will it be a Hollywood blockbuster.

    Septics seem to have a brain smaller that a child and a similar grasp on world history and geography.

    I apologise to intelligent Americans.
  5. Jesus. You can imagine him at Custer's right hand: "Right lads, we've got them surrounded.."
  6. I like the way he says "we" all the time, immediatley making it clear he means you and not him.
  7. All three of them?

    The average American seems to have a grasp of world politics and an appreciation of the US's international reputation or characterising commensurate with Key Stage 1 children! The below average ones don't even score on that scale. The few who, to use a US expression, "get it" are often distrusted and ignored by the rest of them.

    I wouldn't mind so much if this was a position based on dogma and a programmed campaign for world dominance. However it just seems to be a complete and utter disregard for the rest of the world based on a "look what we've done for them, why don't they love us" logic.
  8. Suprisingly Jerry Bruckheimer holds quite liberal, centre left views, he is an art student at heart, even if he likes guns.
  9. It wouldn't be a Bush advisor soundbite without some folksy reference to huntin' or fishin.' :roll:
  10. That should be 'Dont shoot the cnut Dick, he's funding your election campaign'
  11. Don't shoot a bear unless you are a 11 year old boy armed with a .44 magnum pistol, surely?
  12. An unreconstructed nutter out to spark off World War 3.

    Still think of the profits for Halliburton.

    Romours of a US attack on Iran before Bush leaves the White House persist.......
  13. 8) A Mossad training tip is if you pull out a pistol you must use it. This guys name is OIL 8) 8) 8) 8)
  14. "Although he conceded many mistakes had been made by the US in Iraq, Mr Wurmser said there were now reasons for optimism. "While Iraq became more violent, it also became in some ways the international bug-zapper of terrorists."

    WTF is this nutter on about? Correct me if I am wrong but bug zappers don't eradicate bugs - they kill a couple of the billions that are breeding. Lets hope this looney does't take it to the end game and spray the bugs with insecticide.

    Mods - if you think this will give Wurmser the idea to actually do this FFS bury this thread :twisted:
  15. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    Wish they'd all **** off back to their side of the pond - I don't particularly like Clinton, either of them, but I will frigging REJOICE when the neocon slime get the shite kicked out of them come lection time.