This isnt the Britain we fought for

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by RangeStew, Nov 21, 2009.

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  1. Makes an interesting read, I think they have every right to be angry how the UK is now.
  2. I agree
  3. Excellent article...and quite truthful. Whenever one returns to Britain from a prolonged visit abroad, one is shocked to see the changes, many not for the good.

    Am I the only one that feels a certain unfamiliarity with certain parts of the nation? Recently, after arriving at Paddington Station, I felt as if I were in some foreign land.

    What does out future hold for us?
  4. Seconded, We need a revolution now.!
  5. I have been away from the UK for quite a number of years, and return about every second year. One time I returned I had to go via Paddington and was quite surprised to find I was one of two white people there, so I had a similar feeling I was in a foreign land.
  6. There are many places around the uk where you can get the same feeling. Bradford, Dewsbury, Birmingham, Leicester, etc...
  7. What riles me the most - When I go on holiday I feel ashamed at not making an attempt to speak in the host nation's language. However, after returning to UK I can walk a round a shopping centre/park/high street/whatever and barely hear a word of English all day, and all this from immigrants who actually fucking live here. Well done Labour, this is multiculturalism at its best.
  8. You can add Southall to that list.

    Contrary to how I may come across, I don't actually care that Britain is heaving with immigrants. What I care about is that Britain is heaving with immigrants who don't want to integrate with the society which feeds, clothes, waters and educates them.
  9. Tosh.

    Standard expected from the Daily Hate I suppose. What about the Czechs and the Poles who fought in the Battle of Britain? I suppose it would be better if they had been treated as second rate. I suppose it would be better if the Gurkhas' would be treated as second rate. I suppose it would be better if we banned all immigration, not that anyone (such as the doctors, nurses, electricians, etc) coming from another country has anything to contribute anyway, unlike our chav subclass who are the glory of Britain.

    Britain had been a multicultural country long before either world war. Our language is a mix of various European languages, mostly French and German. The only true 'Britons' left are in Wales, the Scots come from Ireland and England is predominantly either Anglo-Saxon, Scandinavian (primarily Danish) or French. Our monarchy can hardly be described as British either having changed their name less than a century ago from Saxe-Coburg-Gotha (a British sounding name?) to Windsor. There is hardly anyone who could call themselves truly British.

    However, immigration is wildly out of control, it is undeniable. Indeed we should only accept the brightest and best into Britain and at the same time make Britain British. A multiethnic and multicultural society is to our benefit, yet lessons can be learned from the Frogs on how to integrate immigrants. Additionally, as we will only be accepting the brightest and best in we should also be kicking the stupidest and worst out - seems only fair, starting with all murderers and other committors violent and anti-social crimes. Doesn't matter where they go, just kick them out. They're not worth it.
  10. I have felt exactly the same for quite a while.Its the main motivating factor in me working abroad whenever possible and actively looking into leaving the UK for good.

    Been having a discussion about this a few weeks before that article came out on one of the motorcycle forums I belong to, seems to be a 50-50 split of people agreeing about the state of the UK with me.......and people saying we are whinging and be best if we all emmigrated if we dont like the new multi-cultural UK.
  11. I can understand what you're on about SBM, however, the " Immigrants " cant do any wrong in the Gobment's eyes, our way of life is fast disappearing, soon we will have no rights at all, we'll be in a minority.
  12. Aye,but what are you gonna do?
  13. Oh dear:

    'We are affronted by the appearance of Muslim and Sikh costumes on our streets.'
  14. Surely people speaking their first language isn't a problem. I mean the Mail readers in Spain will no doubt speak English amongst themselves. But there is no doubt that a mistake was made in not ensuring easy access to English language classes. With hindsight that is where the resources should have gone, not in translation and interpretation services.
  15. And I certainly won't be encouraging anyone to go down the French route of "intégration" any time soon. Would you like broiled cars with your meal sir?