THIS is why we have chavs

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Dr_Chris, Feb 15, 2007.

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    I'd quite happily see them shot for being so bloody stupid.
  2. Quite right, I would be more than happy to iradicate people like this from the gene pool.
    Although sick and twisted, they will probably get a fine and perhaps some community service at a push.
    Social services will keep an eye on the kids for about a month,then all will be forgotten....
  3. I even doubt that, chav cnuts :shakefist:
  4. This is why we should bring back the birch! Evil women!

    Proves the points made in other threads that its the parents that are to blame and not schools or society!

    There harpies probably thought they were empowering the little girl but all it comes down to is child abuse and abusers should be treated accordingly.

    Now where did i put that length of rope......ahhh there it is now all i need is a posse for this lynching to be legal!
  5. jesus **** and some people think euginics is wrong :frustrated:
  6. My daughter started school in September and went to a school full of chavs. A year 4 girl (age 8/9) beat up a reception year boy (age 4/5) for saying 'ner ner ner ner'....

    She has been so unhappy there I have moved her to a school the other side of town where the 'posh' people go. She's now started sleeping at nights again thank god.

    The language at her old school was unbelievable and would make a trooper blush...and that was just the kids. Farkin chavs should have their kids taken off them and be sterilised. :threaten:
  7. What is most gutting about the chav culture is that they will all be dole scroungers too.
    My mrs put it in context as we drove past a bunch of smackheads and said to me"why dont you pull over and give £1000 to any of em as thats where your tax all goes".
    Imagine that! True though,work all your life paying taxes for 3rd generation scum in order that they can spunk your money up the wall.
    They put nothing into the benefit kitty,however they take planty out.
    How far will this go as there must be more knobbers taking outta the pot than putting in.
  8. i think anyone that thinks its funny, good, to use children for more than a young person to love and keep safe, i thought you are ment to love your children, not use them for boxing matches...
    any one who wants to hurt a child should be hung not shot, being shot is to quick... that goes for that man you raped and killed that youg girl the other day, sick fcukers... :pissedoff:
  9. The case for compulsory sterilization grows ever stronger
  10. And the only time your hard when it's looking in SOF or Gun mart now go away troll!
  11. Another good reason to execute chavs...
  12. Two bricks is sufficient equipment for steralising the males .
  13. frau pomps wants to pop down to Devon to assist in their education.... chav cuntz. VILE CRETTINS
  14. This seems to be the chav version of bear bating!
  15. Or What, What r u going to do about it BIG-FECK-OFF-MACHO-MAN?

    Mind your own buisness, I didnt intefere with you, Now go and shag the exhaust of your scoo-ter.