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In the mid nineties options for change combined with redundancies shut down units and lost all the experience. since then everyone has been scratching their heads and trying to botch the kit together with whatever knowledge and kit they can, things have just about cought up now but the damage is done! The lack of manpower in the late 90's combined with a shed load of operational tours put an extra stain on those that were left, having to cover one guy is ok but one man doing the work of 4 it is enough to make anyone sign off!! Back to back tours and crap pay will not keep soldiers in the job nomatter how "proud" they are. The advertisements are good but the pay is a turn off. The day the government wakes up to this and ups everyones pay by 5k a year is the day that the army will resolve its undermanning issue.
I remember reading an ode somewhere along these lines...
"Being in the army is comparable to putting your hand in a bucket of water, whilst your hand is in the water the water fits around it perfectly, yet when you take the hand out there is no hole where your hand was, for the rest of the water just pulls together as if you were never there"
This was arguably quite correct in the 70's and 80's but then it would seem that the level of water in the bucket has evaporated somewhat since then! any comments?


Yep, I got a reply,

my time was most of the 70's and 80's and during that time Lo and behold squaddies whinged and moaned about how crap the Army was, how crap the kit was, how bad the radios were etc ,etc, etc,

I didnt accept it then, so there is no reason why you should either. but until they stop bureaucrats and civvies who have never served in a hostile enviroment hold all the purse strings, and so realise on what is important ie £70billion( or whatever as i have no idea) on trident or a few million so that you can all have nightsights.
Cos i dont think the civvies realise that quite a lot of "action" goes on at night. so i nightsight per sqn is quite sufficient. etc and of course there is thousands more.
and as for option for change in the nineties, that followed on from the Falklands Conflict. (and even though I am one now) it was to get rid of all the dead wood fat bastards in the ranks, in other words SNLR interview given to anyone below CPL at their 11 year point and out at 12!! saves millions on redundancy. ok if you was a ****** and got the rank of Sgt tho!!

Rant over..for now anyway
I dont suppose CGS or the service chiefs of staff have any influence then eh?
I don't think it's a pay issue anymore, but rather one of conditions. I left because as a 12 year A1 LCpl I worked out that the guy who swept floors in McDonalds earnt more than me hour for hour. If you are feeling the strain then leave (it's not good for you y'know), but don't expect things to change soon. It will take a major event such as a large defeat or total collapse in manning to make the politicians and civil servants sit up and take notice as to the army's current and underlying peoblems.
I liked the bucket of water analogy, but I prefer the house one. If you remove one brick from a house it still stays upright. You can keep on doing this until one day it all falls down.
Besides, water evaporates.
George I think you, like your namesake, are missing the point.

Its easy to say if you dont like it then leave but actually most of us (because we are all volunteers) do like it, we like the life and the comaraderie that the Army offers but lets face it no one likes getting taken for a ride. :x

I think that is what the original comment was about. Someone, at the top of the tree, should be briefing Tony and his cronies that we are not an extension of the American Army but a force in our own right. We don't have to get involved in every 'oil' related conflict from now until the cows come home just to appease Dubya!! :wink:

Give us the kit, facilities and money we deserve and let us be the best army in the world as we once were (pre Options, SDR etc)
agree with most of your points
yes we need a better funded army and better kit
and as for fighting every 'oil' related conflict from now until the cows come home just to appease the US we all know that aint gonna change much as we wish it would :(
don't think i missed the point, no one likes getting taken for a ride, me included, but there is only so much change you can bring about, the biggest one is to leave, like it or lump it
its hardly the solution for an arrse run army though is it george? perhaps it could be true if it was aimed at those making the decisions at the top! ive voted tony out this year, i recon he talks a load of arrse, in fact they all do, vote me in, ill pay you all properly!!!


kill em all, let god sort em out!

Copey for PM.....he cant fcuk it up much more than the present lapdog.....hold on, i reckon i know him....maybe he could!
And time on your hands digging up threads that are almost 2 years old. My life is better on the outside because I still work for MOD in a technical job, so I get all the banter and so forth without the BS that went with being in. I still miss it sometimes though
Puma - do us all a favour and stop digging up ancient threads. If you're that bored then get some work done!
disgruntled employee it must be your day off then? p/s which aisle are the baked beans on??
disgruntled_employee said:
Kn*b Head, get a life. I had a good job till i left. Now i stack shelves in ASDA. it aint funny.
That's what I did before I joined up. And, joy of joys, they're building a brand new tesco about 400m away from my house. So do I get some superduper IT-based resettlement course and earn a fortune or do I walk to work in my wee small town, paying off the mortgage with my pension, and have a cushty resettlement? I reckon I could fit that in my busy schedule.

disgruntled_employee said:
Who asked you
F***ing hell - are you on your period?

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