This is why some of us are praying of a Lib/Lab win...

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by whitecity, Apr 29, 2010.

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  1. 2 birds with one stone. Labour lead coalition with the LimpDems under Cyclops as PM. Result! Yes please...

  2. Some of us may not financially survive another 5 years of Gordon Brown
    I want rid of him now.
  3. You selfish bastaard. Think of your kids and grandkids!
  4. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    I did see this rather in reverse some while ago - that the evil Mandelbum had had Gordon Mugabe-Ceacescu so screw the economy by giving away as much money as he could, that Cameron would win and the next five years of necessary misery would wash Labour back to power on a tsunami of false promises (some of the economic problem having actually been sorted while they were out. Losing the election would of course allow Mandelbum to get rid of Gordon for ever and a new generation of Marxist traitors would inherit.
  5. Exactly what happened to conservatives because of what maggie had to do then.
  6. They can look after themselves.
    If Brown gets re-elected he will have plundered their inheritence long before I pop my clogs so they will lose either way.
  7. So, Cyclops' antics yesterday were a cunning wheeze to lose the election?
  8. I doubt it, Brown genuinely believes he is the messiah and he can fix it all. Give him half a chance and he will prove he was right all along.....
  9. Its our Kids and Grandkids who will be paying for this mess that Liarbor has created, so get back to reading your mirror..... :thumbdown:
  10. If the Lib Dems get into power that will gurantee a Centre left coalition til the cows come home - or at least until Wales and Scotlands Labour votes don't count any more!

    And the Lib Dems in Coalition with the Tories will ensure another GE within 18 Months. And the square root of f-all being achieved in those 18 months.

    Edited for Mong Capitalisation
  11. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    Yesterday's tamasha was an extra, as was Gordon's display of gibbering fatuity vis-a-vis the Army cadet. I think Mandelbum, who to my mind likes everything smooth and planned, noiseless, undetectable and subtle, must have difficulty predicting what his barely-anthropoid pet is going to do next. Maybe Gordon will be so goaded that he does a Prescott and thumps a voter? Or loses it in other ways and craps his pants in public? Or puts Sarah in hospital? Enjoy the soap, there'll be dam-all fun from 7th onwards.
  12. Another five years of Brown and we will be back in the Dark ages, New labour have done nearly as much damage to this country as Hitler
  13. What, re-elected for four consecutive terms? Suits me!
  14. Least Hitler liked the UK!!
  15. but he made a right mess of my back garden, killing my fathers first wife and family, so in a way I owe him one