This is why new lads fail their PFT

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Thelynxeffect, Oct 17, 2007.

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  1. Just having spent a short while at the centre of excellance that is Middle Wallop I was a little shocked to learn that the gym locks it's doors at 4:30pm, sharp.

    No wonder young'uns are unfit, they can't even train out of hours!! Also folk on course have sod all else to do in the eveings when they are away from family/sham/dishcloth.

    If it's due to a shortage of PTI's then why don't they shut it for a period during the working day, (I base this on the logic that most people would be at work and hence not using the gym) and then open it during the evening. Off course this would not be so popular with the members of RHQ (a quick check on the booking in sheets shows that you have to be a major or above to get time off during the day to use the gym) but at least it would allow the lower ranking masses the chance to do a bit of PT.

    Like a few other things at MW, it just seems a little backward.

    Thanks for internet in the Messes though! great idea, allows me to moan about everything else by letting me log onto arrse.
  2. Sounds like lazyness to me. Grip the vest wearing beefers and get them sorted out
  3. Whats the point in having a gym open when no one can use it? Even the most backwards of people must realise that.
  4. Feckin' right, PTIs like the rest of the army are paid 24/7, not our fault if they can't get proper trades
  5. MW is a training facility, do they have civie PTIs?

    Failing that, get the lazy GTIs off their heaves bars and get the gym open, at least 07:00hrs - 19:00hrs.

    Healthy mind, healthy body and all that.

    Or they muscle busters can stag on, after handing in their swords.
  6. Well, any two people, except phase 2 soldiers, can sign out the key of an evening until 2200. 676Sqn provide supervisory staff for 1hr every night between 1830 and 1930. But yes the vesties need to get their acts together and sort out a rota, most of them are civvies though!
  7. Civvy PTI's there.

    Whats stopping lads going for a run or doing some circuits outside? Not a great answer I know but whats really to stop them?
    Come up to Andover rugby club, tues and thurs evening, we do plenty of phys.
  8. In winter?

    Surely that would = more injuries? Cold and all that, no matter how long you warmed up.

    The runs aren't that inpiring at the best of times around that area (the main road is a no go) add a bit of sleet and the Ipod may have problems keeping up the motivation.

    We want 'em fit, but not trashed.
  9. You jest, how can they be civvy and PTI?, what the fcuk have they done to my army. Surprised they're not called Personal Trainers or other such civguff.
  10. It's the same with everything down there, the duty rumour is the new memorial wall is subsiding already! half hearted job all the time. We get some right mongs turning up to the unit that can't pass the basic required standard, they get out of breathe running a bath!

  11. At least they get a bath. No such luck in the Mess. We used to take it in turns bathing in the pond out the back.
  12. Still haven't got hot water then? Money better spent elsewhere like the junior ranks bar! Bet it still couldn't beat our mess, MESS being the operative word, again juniors are living in SSSA, payed a fortune etc. I like being at the bottom of the sh*t pile.
  13. I know this may sound radical (in the fact that the RAF have only been doing it since the last century), however:

    Have a swipe card system, soldiers pay a £10 deposit for their swipe card and have 24 hr access, you can even have clever cards that only let you access certain areas (i.e. only the steroid ridden echo beach boys can access the weights room)

    The clever thing about the modern IT thingy stuff is that a computer can tell who swiped in and at what time, therefore holding them all collectively responsible for any unreported out of hours damage.

    Yes (I hear you say), but what about health and safety thingemeboby. Well, I say, we are all the same HM Forces and the RAF manage to justify the procedure, however, they don’t really think twice about spending money on soldiers (Oops) Airwoman’s amenities
  14. If you need to be supervised in a gym you must be a top cnut
  15. My lads down there at the moment and I cant understand for the life of me why the hierachy wouldnt want them in the gym getting fit in the evenings.
    No wonder the youngsters are a playstation era. :x

    Get the fcuking gym open to all and make them go at least one evening a week for 5 a side footy at least and out of their pits.