This is where our wounded and families go

Hey everybody, this is my website that I use to advertise holiday property for rent in Spain at Polaris World Golf Resorts and to gain property for our wounded troops.

If you use this site to book a holiday let them know you found the details on Arrse, even if you just have a look you will be helping.

A lot of the people on this site have been instrumental in helping wounded and their families and also the bereaved families of troops sadly lost in action have a relaxing holiday in their property in Spain without them worrying about the cost with support from you all here on Arrse.

Please have a look at the site and if you can, pass it onto your friends and family and also to all of your your e mail accounts. Also feel free to link the site in your own website if you wish.

The bigger the site gets the more we can offer to our wounded troops and families.

We have families in Spain at present and more going out on a monthly basis.

Thank you for your support



Some feedback from today

Hi Dave, just to let you know we are back and had a great time, weather was great, the apartments were lovely and had everything we needed, tell helen thanks for everything and the place was really lovely and peacefull, wished we could of stayed longer, once again thanks dave to you and all other who help and donate, bloody marvelous. cheers kelly and family /i]
Dave its a fine effort keep up the good work.
I'm gonna get you a picture of me running across that swimming pool in my underpants
Spanish_Dave said:
minister_doh_nut said:
I'm gonna get you a picture of me running across that swimming pool in my underpants
you will sink :lol:
No Dave MDN walks on water.
When I saw the title "This is where our wounded and families go" in the NAAFI, I envisaged something like this:

Edit: Pic's gone tits-up, so here's a link.

Oh ......... and well done Dave .... and everyone.
Spanish_Dave said:
I have been asked today if I could provide a honeymoon in May, now there is a challenge
Is that you as the groom, or the bride? :lol:

It's also worth mentioning, folks, that Dave has roped in some supporters on the accommodation front who also deserve applause ... I don't believe Dave owns the entire complex, but then I could be wrong :wink:

Dave, could you expand on that for the folks on here?
Honeymoon ? As in MDN covering his bum in honey and then mooning whilst running over the swimming pool ???

I´d pay to see a photo of that :D

Great effort all round over there Dave. Thanks !!!!
Spanish_Dave said:
MDN could we run to a wedding present :?
Only if I can borrow a bridesmaid, and MDN has the best man/hamster on video!!

Who's the candidate for the honeymoon? Or are we supposed to guess? :lol: :lol:

BTW, info as per my message above, please ... what about all those other good people who are helping. Stop hogging all the glory :wink:
Spanish_Dave said:
MDN could we run to a wedding present :?
Yep, I'll put on my crimpolene suit and pose suitably, get it framed and post it.
Stop bossing him around b_s ! He´s got enough on his plate at the moment worrying what damage will be done to his reputation when MDN shows the wedding party what he can do with a bridesmaid, some honey and a hamster :twisted:

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